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Fun2App Brings Joy to its Patrons with a Special Campaign Video Song

The campaign highlights the emotion of the sports lovers in India

May 28, 2021 11:19 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Fun2App, a short-video making application, has been creating a buzz amongst the sports buffs ever since its re-launch in 2021. The brand is up with a campaign video that tries to give us a glimpse of the good old days and promotes how a sport is a great catalyst of joy and a potent driver to tackle mental health. The brand will soon launch the song on Fun2App and other digital mediums including all the social media handles of Fun2App.

The campaign video is trying to bring back the comfort of our childhood through the memories, which made us feel good. It also promotes the message that a sport is something that binds us together and unites us with love while waiting for a good time to come back. It also gives out the message of playing together during these tough times.

Mr. Kewal Kapoor, Consultant Global Advisory and Creative Strategist, Fun2App, says, “We believe, music is a part of our everyday life and with this campaign song we are trying to tell the people that zeal of life must not go away, and we must keep trying to light the candle of our wisdom and love to beat this darkness. The pandemic might be winning the battle but if we stand tighter, we can together bring back the game."

Manoj Bhanu, Co-founder of the Fun2App said, “I am myself a cricket and soccer buff, when Mr. Kapoor told us, we won’t buy music that already exists in the market, I wasn’t sure what he wishes to do, but when the concept was presented to me, I felt this will work, and here we are. Fun2 family is very happy to release this title track that will be available on our app and also on other places."

The campaign was conceived By Mr. Kewal Kapoor, Consultant Global Advisory and Creative Strategist at Fun2App. The song has been written by Manish Kumar, he has also written many lyrics including, documentaries and short films. Anupam Amod has composed and sung the song. Together they have created a magical video and have conveyed nostalgia and joy in the tracks. Ravi is working on many other compositions for the brand that does include short clips which are also available on the Fun2 musical store.


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