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GalaxEye Space and MagicMyna Unite to Transform SAR Payload Solutions

Pioneering collaboration propels advanced SAR technology into the Indian market and aligns with the 'Make in India' initiative for defense and aerospace innovation

Oct 12, 2023 13:13 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India


  • The partnership aims at merging GalaxEye’s SAR payload technology with MagicMyna’s high-stability UAV platforms for enhanced data collection

  • SAR Technology Meets Precision UAV Platforms, Sets Its Sights on India's Aerospace Frontier / paving the way for advanced SAR technology in the Indian market and beyond

  • The collaboration echoes the nation's call for indigenous excellence in defense and aerospace/aligns with 'Make in India,' reinforcing innovation in defense and aerospace


GalaxEye, a SpaceTech start-up and the first Indian earth observation satellite company, proudly announces a strategic partnership with MagicMyna Pvt. Ltd., a trailblazer in high-stability UAV platforms and solutions. This landmark collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate GalaxEye's cutting-edge SAR payload technology with MagicMyna's OctaPlus and other tailored multicopter platforms.


MOU with GalaxEye


GalaxEye stands at the vanguard of SAR payload technology, offering high-resolution imaging solutions pivotal in applications such as disaster management, environmental monitoring, and defense. SAR technology plays a crucial role in remote sensing, delivering vital data to decision-makers across diverse sectors. MagicMyna Pvt. Ltd. has earned acclaim as an innovative provider of customized drone solutions, celebrated for their stability and versatility. The OctaPlus drones provide an ideal platform for the integration of GalaxEye's SAR payloads, ensuring consistently high-quality imaging and data collection capabilities.


The 10-month partnership between GalaxEye and MagicMyna has already yielded success across various sectors. This collaboration elevates the efficiency and precision of SAR data collection, while also laying the groundwork for expansion into the Indian market and beyond. Both companies are actively exploring opportunities in the Indian commercial and defense space, wholeheartedly aligning with the "Make in India" initiative, which champions indigenous development and manufacturing in the defense and aerospace sectors.


Suyash Singh, Co-founder and CEO of GalaxEye, said, "GalaxEye's mission has always been to push the boundaries of space technology. Our multi-sensor imaging satellite is set to usher in a new era of all-time, all-weather imagery from space, offering boundless possibilities for analysts and consumers alike. Together with MagicMyna, we are unlocking unprecedented opportunities and unparalleled capabilities in aerial surveillance, data collection, and geospatial intelligence."


Sunil Nair, Co-founder of MagicMyna Pvt. Ltd., shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled about the future prospects of our collaboration with GalaxEye Space. Together, we are well-positioned to meet the burgeoning demand for SAR capabilities in India and contribute meaningfully to both defense and commercial endeavors."


The GalaxEye MagicMyna partnership marks a significant step forward in bolstering India's capabilities in SAR technology and aerial data collection, reinforcing the nation's pursuit of excellence in defense and aerospace innovation.


About GalaxEye

GalaxEye is a Space-Tech startup pioneering the world's first multi-sensor earth observation satellite. They are building a constellation of indigenous micro-satellites with data fusion capabilities. Their soon-to-launch satellite, "Drishti Mission", represents a significant achievement. GalaxEye has also developed India's First UAV SAR system for defense markets and completed over 200 successful flights with UAV SAR Payload. GalaxEye was featured amongst the Top 10 Start-ups to watch in 2023 by ViaSat and Tech30 startups of 2022 by YourStory. GalaxEye has spun out of team Hyperloop of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.


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About MagicMyna Pvt. Ltd.

MagicMyna is a DPIIT-recognized start-up with a mission to innovate, develop, deploy products and technology aimed to democratize and scale the usage of Air Mobility solutions in India and beyond. Backed by in-house R&D and manufacturing facility in Coimbatore and partnering with India’s Leading technology entity CSIR – NAL, Bengaluru we provide improvised UAV platforms and innovative solutions for Defence, Agriculture, Logistics, Healthcare, and infrastructural sectors.


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MOU with GalaxEye
MOU with GalaxEye
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