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Global Animal Health Market is Expected to Reach USD 50 Billion in Future with Parasiticides, Biologicals, Anti Infectives Dominating the Market

Nov 03, 2016   17:43 IST 

Canada market is analyzed as the saturated market for parasiticides owing to the presence of large number of market players with low price products. Low price of the products results in easy availability of the products and high sales. However, this fact is also restraining the parasiticides market and the segment is expected to register decline during forecast period.


Global Animal Health Market


UK is considered one of the hubs for animal feed additives with around 200,000 animal feed businesses operating in the country which involve importing, producing, handling, storing and distributing animal feed. Presence of more number of players had led to high competition between players resulting in low prices, generating low revenue for the market. The natural products in the country have found high demand in the animal feed additives category with the emergence of few dedicated market players involved in natural feed additives business such as OptiVite and Nutriad.


Denmark owing to the presence of various generic players offering wide range of parasiticides products for cattle and swine, consequently resulting in easy availability of products for high proportion of livestock animals available in the country.


Health products manufactured for cattle use dominated the livestock animal health products with the largest revenue share. Cattle being a primary source of milk and all the dairy products act as the major end user of animal health products for livestock.


Animal feed additives are substances added to animal foods to improve its nutritional value, to add medication in food, as preservative and for improving taste or color of food.


The monospecific nature of these compounds makes them effective for use against various pathogens; is the major factor which has helped the segment to gain second position in the market. Antisera against avian pathogen which causes influenza have gained high demand.


Venky’s diverse portfolio for poultry products is the major factor responsible for growth of Venky’s in the India animal health market. The company offers unique 40 products for poultry which includes nutritional supplements, growth promoters, toxin binders, iron tonic, antimycoplasma, antibiotics, acidifiers, enzymes, anticoccidials, dewormers, & therapeutical products. The company has been observed to be the leading company in poultry health products.


Anti infectives market in Brazil is driven by the rising prevalence of infections among animals which majorly includes influenza and leptospirosis.


Endectocides hold the minimal share by value in 2015 owing to the presence of limited number of products which could be used for preventing both internal and external parasites. Additionally, high cost of these products and unawareness among people especially in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Africa further restrains the market for endectocides.


Endoparasiticides are used for prevention of internal parasites including roundworm, tapeworms, and flukes. Rising prevalence of internal parasites in animals is the major factor which has helped segment in generating revenue in previous years and reach at a second position in the market.


Among the global players, Zoetis, Merial, MSD Animal Health, Elanco, Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim capture positions among top ten players in China animal vaccines market.


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Global Animal Health Market
Global Animal Health Market
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