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Global TV Giant TCL Launches Campaign Celebrate Greatness for Independence Day and Onam

The campaign - Celebrate Greatness will drive the Sales of its premium 4K, QLED, and Mini LED TV range in two phases - Independence Day and Onam

Aug 03, 2023 16:50 IST 
Delhi, India

TCL - a leading consumer electronics brand and one of the dominant players in the global TV industry has launched its exclusive campaign - ‘Celebrate Greatness’ to celebrate the spirit of 76th Independence Day and Onam. Being a global TV giant, TCL aims to reach out to people of different geographies and demographics with exclusive offers on its 4K QLED HD Smart TV range.


TCL - Celebrate Greatness Campaign


TCL is a renowned player in the global TV and consumer electronics industry. It embeds the latest technologies to create a transforming viewing experience for customers and establish its global leadership position. As part of the initiative, the company will drive the sales of its key range - TCL C645, C835 and P635 Pro.


Delighted with the campaign idea, Philip Xia, CEO of TCL India said, “Independence Day and Onam are both significant occasions that celebrate the diversity and greatness of India. Our campaign talks about the greatness of the different aspects of India as a nation, thus localizing the entire campaign and promoting the awareness about TCL’s technological capabilities at a global level that makes a perfect match for a viewer’s entertainment experience.”


The month long campaign intends to celebrate India’s cultural and geographical diversity by transitioning into different states and co-relating their popularities with the nation’s tricolour. It will be implemented through a series of posts, statics and videos, celebrating the colours of India while also incorporating C645’s tagline “Vivid Color, Vigorous Life”.


The newly launched campaign will also drive the “Celebrate Greatness Sale” through influencer collaborations across the country. Each collaboration will be targeted at demonstrating TCL’s stunning design for the latest home interiors, showcasing various TV models, demonstrating the ways to style TCL TV into home décor, etc.


Taking on the trending video formats on social media and internet, the brand aims to create video content in an innovative manner that is relatable with the general audience.


Additionally, TCL will promote a contest - Guess the great momentum on the brand’s social media handles. A visual including a blurred picture of the monument with just a section of the monument in full HD will be displayed and the audience will have to guess the name of the monument.


Furthermore, a series of videos with clips from different festivals, and places in India at a fast pace without compromising on the picture quality. The participants will be required to comment on all the things they can spot. Like the Red Fort, a temple from Vrindavan, the Howrah Bridge of Kolkata, the Charminar from Hyderabad etc. The videos will play on the TV screen of the TCL C645 QLED Smart TV across TCL’s dealership stores.


Towards the end of the campaign, it will transition the sale phase onto Onam, and continue with communication of greatness, diversity, and colors. But the elements and the communication would be molded around the festival of Onam; showing food, clothing, boat races, etc.


The sale communication of the campaign will remain constant while emphasizing the picture quality KSPs along with the XL collection of extensive range of TCL TVs.


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TCL - Celebrate Greatness Campaign
TCL - Celebrate Greatness Campaign
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