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India’s Only Certification Course in Semiconductor Technology & Manufacturing Now Accepting Applications at IIT Bombay

Oct 08, 2014   17:45 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

India’s only certification course in “Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing” introduced jointly by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) and Applied Materials, Inc. in 2012, will soon enter its third edition, starting November 10, 2014, at the IIT Bombay Campus. The seven-day course is offered through IIT Bombay’s Continuing Education Programme (CEP), and is intended for working professionals in the semiconductor industry, research scientists, technical staff and academics. As a skills training and certification course, it addresses a critical need for developing a trained, high-tech workforce in India to help meet the country’s growing demand for electronics. With the prospect of semiconductor fabs becoming a reality in India, there is increasing relevance for this course across the entire semiconductor manufacturing supply chain.


Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Head of the Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay, said “The third edition of this certification course is a testament to the strong demand and positive feedback it has received in the last two years. Additional hands-on training and lecture sessions on advanced electrical and physical characterization techniques and systems have been incorporated to reflect the growth of our cutting-edge nanofabrication facility and partnership with Applied Materials. We also plan to introduce interactive, web-based delivery of the course content to enhance the learning experience of the participants. I strongly believe this course is playing a major role in building a robust training ecosystem for semiconductor manufacturing and R&D in our country.


The course was conceptualized by IIT Bombay and Applied Materials to further build on the capability of the IIT Bombay nanofabrication facility, which is used by more than 200 students of the Institute as well as researchers across India from over 100 universities and colleges via the Indian Nanoelectronics Users’ Program (INUP). Applied first donated 200mm semiconductor manufacturing equipment to IIT Bombay in 2007 to establish a nanomanufacturing lab within the facility, making it one of the few universities in the world equipped with 200mm manufacturing capability. The course offers hands-on training on the production level tools and systems that are widely used in the industry, as well as lectures covering integrated circuit (IC) fabrication and manufacturing, semiconductor processes, hardware and system technologies.


According to Aninda Moitra, President, Applied Materials India, “This course is aimed at bridging the skills gap for semiconductor manufacturing in the country. Applied’s support for this program underscores our commitment to supporting advanced research activity and the overall growth of the ESDM (Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing) ecosystem in India. What makes this program unique is its hands-on approach leveraging Applied’s leadership in precision materials engineering and semiconductor manufacturing together with IIT Bombay’s academic expertise.




Theory: Faculty members from IIT Bombay will deliver lectures along with industry professionals from Applied Materials.


Lab: The lab sessions will be held at the IIT Bombay Nanofabrication Facility (IITBNF) and the Applied Materials Nanomanufacturing Lab, Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay. 


Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Continued Education Programme (CEP) certificate from IIT Bombay.


Duration: 7 days


Start date: November 10, 2014


Eligibility for application: Those with a diploma or a bachelor's degree in Science/Engineering are eligible to apply.


How to apply: Register online at


Deadline for applications: October 26, 2014


About IIT Bombay:

IIT Bombay, the second IIT to be set up in 1958, is recognised worldwide as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. It is reputed for the quality of its faculty and the outstanding caliber of students graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The institute has a total of 15 academic departments, 10 centres, one school and four Interdisciplinary programmes. Over the last five decades, more than 42,000 engineers and scientists have graduated from the institute. It is served by more than 565 faculty members considered not only amongst the best within the country, but are also highly recognised in the world for achievements in the field of education and research.  Today the Institute is recognized as one of the centres of academic excellence in the country. Visit


About Applied Materials:

Applied Materials, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMAT) is the global leader in precision materials engineering solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic industries. Our technologies help make innovations like smartphones, flat screen TVs and solar panels more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses around the world. Learn more at       


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