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Insurtech Solutions Provider Injala Reiterates Commitment to Innovation

The Texas-based disruptor in the insurance industry held its town hall meeting in Ahmedabad

Dec 23, 2021 16:29 IST 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Injala, a leading insurtech solutions provider based out of Texas, US, has reiterated its commitment to innovation as it embarks on its next phase of growth. The leading disruptor in the insurance industry held its town hall meeting in Ahmedabad, where the senior management spoke about the company’s plans for the years ahead.


Rajeev Varshneya COO and Hyder Naqvi CEO


Addressing the town hall meeting, Injala CEO Hyder Naqvi told the employees how innovation has shaped the company and how it will continue to drive future growth. He exhorted employees to continue to embrace change, innovate the way they think and work, look outside the box for inspiration, and imagine beyond today’s solutions.


Naqvi recalled how the launch of Injala’s WrapPortal, a network-based technology solution that automates the wrap-up certification process of commercial construction insurance, had resulted in 200% annual growth for many years, revenue growth of 300%, a three-fold expansion in the team strength, and creation of “innovation initiative” teams devoted to design, data science, and specific product engineering tasks.


He recounted some of the company’s firsts including being the first SAAS-based company in commercial insurance space, the first to automate processes including enrolment, payroll, reporting, closeouts, emails and alerts, and reviewed how the period from 2014-2018 laid the foundation for Injala’s current products and those to be launched in the coming months.


Naqvi also gave an overview of the soon-to-be-released technology products including Asuretify, which provides indisputable insurance authentication, Anzenn, the automated safety and loss control solution that uses object detection technology, and Kinetic, which provides digital policy management.


In his presentation, Injala COO Rajeev Varshneya provided an overview of the company’s roadmap to success. Other presentations included product development updates regarding WrapPortal presented by Nikhil Khoda, Anzenn by Ujesh Patel, Kinetic by Anand Thaker, and Asuretify by Sachi Mehta and Naveen Valera.


Injala Engineering Manager Dhaval Charadva gave a presentation about the status of integrating artificial intelligence into Injala solutions. Employees based outside of India joined the event via live streaming. Exemplary employees were recognised for their dedicated service and achievements.

Rajeev Varshneya COO and Hyder Naqvi CEO
Rajeev Varshneya COO and Hyder Naqvi CEO
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