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Kanpur-based Jeeto Detergent Reveals Plans to Ace the Detergent Sector

Jun 08, 2019   13:44 IST 
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

The detergent segment has been witnessing a decisive shift in the recent years. Many new brands are trying to disrupt the market with their products and a unique brand voice. In addition to this, competitive pricing is also being used to float a brand apart from the competitive big names in the industry. Kanpur-based Jeeto Detergent has also fastened their activities to place their brand amongst the masses in the market.


Jeeto Detergent

Jeeto Detergent as a brand, works hand in hand to place themselves as an affordable yet leading brand in the personal care segment, especially powder detergents. As we spoke to the team of Jeeto Detergent, they revealed that many activities are being undertaken in order to root the brand voice and brand personality in the matter. A product of Diogy Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Jeeto manufactures and distributes products covering various segments of the detergent market. The main USP of the product being a provider of the best value for money to the customers. The team also revealed that, the consumer always wins with Jeeto, which perfectly explains their tagline 'Jeet ki Taakat'. Speaking about the company values and future plans, Mr. Vikas Jaiswal, Group MD, Jeeto Detergent said, "We are a company of the people, for the people and by the people and our mission is to grow together. We have established ourselves in the market with a sole reason to make Jeeto a leading brand by 2025 in the FMCG industry, where we wish to have a strong presence in the north and central markets across India." They have several plans in the pipeline, which include, localizing the production units at different places in order to tap the opportunity and garner growth locality-wise, digital and on-ground marketing activities, placing the brand voice 'Jeet ki Taakat' across all communications. In order to achieve their objective, the brand is looking to place themselves as a consumer-centric, continually improving, and evolving brand. Mr. Jaiswal further added that their ability to understand the profound changes in product technology and consumer needs helps us in making Jeeto Detergent as a brand, exactly the way a consumer desires it to be.


Jeeto Detergent is another affordable and effective product for consumers from the house of Diogy. The company is looking to adapt new market trends and practices to build an expanding customer base and strong brand equity across the detergent market segments. A new punchline - Jeet ki taakat, jeet ki taakat, jeet ki taakat, ‘jeeto’ aur dho daalo has also been added for their marketing communication. Their presence will continue to evolve on the digital platforms and the detergent market in the coming months. If you are looking for a detergent product with the touch of comfort and freshness, we would recommend that Jeeto Detergent is perfect for you.


About Jeeto Detergent

Jeeto Detergent as a brand manufactures and distributes products covering various segments of the detergent market. It provides the best value for money to its consumers. Their core values include placing maximum emphasis on manufacturing cost-effective products, maintaining effective quality management system, complying with the safety, environmental and safety guidelines.


Jeeto Detergent
Jeeto Detergent
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