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Kauvery Hospital Adopts Wearable Vital Monitoring Solution to Improve Patient Care

Apr 28, 2022 15:35 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, a leading multispecialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, announced the adoption of the latest remote monitoring solution to continuously monitor the health of patients shifted from ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to the wards. 


  • A medical grade wireless biosensor patch that is attached to the chest

  • Continuously monitors vital signs to detect and report deterioration on a real time basis enabling early interventions

  • Reduces length of ICU stay

  • Lack of wires increases patient comfort and mobility along with speedy recovery.

State of the art’ wireless bio sensors are used to detect abnormalities across multiple parameters such as ECG (cardiac abnormalities), respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen levels etc., and generate alerts at a centralized dashboard.


Generally, ICU patients are continuously monitored during their stay and once we see improvement in their condition they are shifted to the ward. On a normal ward, their vitals are monitored once every 4-8 hours, which means any deterioration that happens in between may not be immediately identified. This solution enables us to detect deterioration at an early stage when intervention can offer maximum benefit. The individual can move around, take part in physio therapy and be free of wires unlike the conventional vital monitoring. While the present focus is on detecting deterioration, in the future once we have sufficient data it should be possible to predict deterioration using machine learning algorithms. We are pleased to partner with Life Signs the tech provider, and be an early adopter of technology in Chennai, that can potentially save lives,” says Dr. Sridhar N, Consultant Intensivist, Critical Care, Kauvery Hospital Chennai.


All patients shifted from ICU at Kauvery Hospital, are being remotely monitored till discharge. The critical vitals monitored are immediately reported to the on ground nursing staff and then escalated to the medical team. The alerts are sent to the Medical Emergency Team response, enabling timely intervention. The critical interventions includes shifting the critical patient to ICU for advanced monitoring, providing oxygen support and respiratory therapy.


One of the goals of introducing this system was to reduce the incidence of unanticipated cardiac arrests on the wards. When we face challenges in health care, traditionally we have attempted to solve these using more man power, this time we used a combination of technology and man power to enhance patient safety and comfort. This system also allows us to have data that can be accessed any time and eliminates paper based monitoring sheets, thereby enabling our nurses to focus more on patient care,” says Ms Deeksha Senguttuvan, Head - Digital Strategy, Kauvery Hospital.


Speaking about the technology adopted in Chennai, Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai says, “We are proud to be the first hospital in Chennai and an early adopter of this extraordinary technology, which improves patient care by multiple folds. We will aim to incorporate this technology spanning across all our units.


"We were among the first hospitals in the world to use Bluetooth oxygen saturation monitoring to remotely and continuously monitor COVID patients. Having learnt from that experience of integrating technology with human resources to harness actionable data, we are now seeing the benefits of implementing continuous vital signs monitoring on our wards in improving patient safety," says Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and Managing Director, Kauvery Group of Hospitals.


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