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Kopiko Candy Launches 'Kopiko Chaba Moment' Starring MS Dhoni

Apr 19, 2024 17:15 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Kopiko, the World’s No.1 coffee candy, proudly announces the launch of an exciting new series of snackable creatives starring cricket legend MS Dhoni. Aptly titled the ‘Kopiko-Chaba-Moment’ this series amplifies the Kopiko ‘Chaba’ campaign, which was launched earlier this year.


Kopiko Chaba Moment with MS Dhoni


The 'Kopiko Chaba Moment' comprises of a series of five short format videos highlighting the versatility of Kopiko in energising and inspiring us throughout the day. Each moment presented by MS Dhoni in his signature style is a delight to watch as he illustrates how the invigorating taste of Kopiko candy, infused with real coffee, enhances his focus and inspiration.


Expressing his enthusiasm on the launch of 'Kopiko Chaba Moment' series, MS Dhoni remarked, "Kopiko has been my favourite candy and its real coffee keeps me energised and focused throughout my hectic day. I'm confident that these engaging short videos, which are inspired from my real life, will resonate with my fans. In one of these, I will be seen as a biker giving riding tips and in another, I am giving survival strategies for endless work-from-home calls."


Sonal Dabral, Founder of Tribha and the creative mind behind this campaign, stated, "I truly enjoyed crafting these bite-sized videos to showcase everyday occasions of Kopiko’s consumption and emphasize its core benefits. It was a pleasure working with MS Dhoni. His disarming charm means the audience attention and engagement with Kopiko is guaranteed.”


Rituraj, Head of Marketing at Mayora India, explained the rationale behind adopting this format, stating, "We have seen consumers shift towards digital platforms and their attention span has also reduced. We have devised these reel-format videos to adapt to this change. This campaign leverages the expansive reach of YouTube and aims to connect with our diverse audience, particularly the younger demographic.”


The 'Kopiko Chaba Moments' will be promoted extensively on digital platforms to captivate a broader audience across states. Be sure to subscribe to the Kopiko YouTube channel and witness these captivating ‘Kopiko Chaba Moments’ here:


About Kopiko

Kopiko is the world’s No. 1 real coffee candy, distributed in more than 100 countries. Kopiko’s global journey started more than 40 years ago when Mayora created this innovative coffee replacement candy in Indonesia, and since then, Kopiko has been widely consumed around the world. It is also the first candy that has been carried by NASA astronauts to space. It was launched in India about 15 years ago and quickly became India’s No. 1 coffee candy.


About Mayora India

Mayora India, a rapidly growing FMCG company, is part of the MAYORA Group headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its FMCG portfolio in India includes Kopiko in the Confectionery category; Malkist and Coffee Joy in Biscuits; Choki-Choki, GoChoco, and Beng Beng in Chocolates; and Café Blend in the Beverages category.

Kopiko Chaba Moment with MS Dhoni
Kopiko Chaba Moment with MS Dhoni
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