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Kriti Sanon Radiates Golden Glamour on the Cover of HELLO! India's December Issue

Dec 15, 2023 12:48 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

HELLO! India, an endeavor by RP - Sanjiv Goenka and a prominent lifestyle and luxury magazine, has geared up to wrap up the year on a high note with the much-anticipated December issue. National Award winner actress Kriti Sanon graces the cover in a dazzling golden haute couture. In a celebration of opulence and style, HELLO! India's super haute luxury issue promises a visual feast, offering readers an exclusive insight into the best of people, trends, fashion, and much more.



Cover - HELLO! December 2023


Kriti Sanon is seen in a captivating ensemble, donning a radiant golden sequined crop top paired with a stylish skirt adorned with chic slits, emanating an undeniable sense of allure. Complemented by the graceful cascade of long golden earrings and elegantly tousled hair, her enchanting presence on the cover is elevated to new heights, creating an irresistibly glamorous look. Throughout the feature, she shares insights into the remarkable journey of her Bollywood career, providing a glimpse into the fascinating elements of reaching new heights, including her recent achievement of the National Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in ‘Mimi’.


Luxury and fashion lovers are in for a delightful experience within the pages exclusively dedicated to royal designer Raghuvendra Rathore. Rathore provides insights into the prevailing trend in men's fashion, elaborating on the reasons behind the sustained popularity of his personalized bandgalas among fervent fashion connoisseurs. Exploring the realm of luxury, renowned luxury expert Sujata Assomull champions the timeless allure of understated luxury, emphasizing its capacity to endure beyond the challenges of time and evolving trends as we transition into the new year. Esteemed influencer Riaan George guides readers through a comprehensive exploration of the A to Z of upcoming luxury trends.


Additionally, the issue presents an intimate tour of the sleek and minimalist home owned by the Bangalore-based couple, Anu and Pawan Mehta, underscoring the importance of exquisite residences in the luxurious lifestyle. Catering to enthusiasts of pre-loved items, the magazine also showcases a compelling narrative featuring celebrities who embrace and endorse this philosophy.


Ms. Avarna Jain, Editorial Chairperson at HELLO! shares, "As we bid farewell to this year, we stand on the cusp of a new beginning, ushering in a year filled with even more luxury, opulence, and an elevated lifestyle. This issue serves as a bridge between the past and the promising future, inviting you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of glamour, style, and luxury. Embrace the allure of our pages as we collectively embark on this journey towards a richer, more sophisticated experience, bidding adieu to the memories of the past year and embracing the anticipation of the extraordinary moments the coming year holds."


Don't miss out on the excitement - grab your copy of HELLO! India's December issue now and indulge in the ultimate luxury experience.


HELLO! was launched in 1988 by publisher Eduardo Sánchez Junco, owner and chairman of Spain's ¡HOLA! Magazine. Since its debut in India with the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, HELLO! has taken its readers into the homes of celebrities and their lifestyle, not shying away from portraying them in light of their trials and triumphs and embracing their visions and dreams. HELLO! is a mirror to inspiring personalities across a broad spectrum, from the corporate to the entertainment world, across royalty, the arts, philanthropy, sports, and more. It is the playground for all who put India on the world map.


With a US $7 billion asset base the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group is one of India's fastest growing conglomerates with a significant global presence. The Group has 50,000 employees and over five hundred thousand shareholders. The Group's businesses include power and energy, chemicals, retail, IT-enabled services, FMCG, education, media, entertainment, and sports.


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Cover - HELLO! December 2023
Cover - HELLO! December 2023
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