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Lotus Arts De Vivre Forays into New Delhi at Strrot

Dec 01, 2023 17:54 IST 
Delhi, India

Tucked away in the embrace of a lush, green paradise near Connaught Place, Lotus Arts de Vivre, finds home at a store in store at Strrot, in one of Delhi's most coveted neighbourhoods. As you step into the hallowed grounds of Strrot, you'll find yourself meandering through exquisite sections, each as beautiful as a garden in full bloom.

Lotus Arts de Vivre  at Strrot, Delhi


As you explore this haven of grandeur, you'll find that Lotus Arts de Vivre at Strrot pours the same mastery into its home decor and gifting ranges. The exquisite collection of jewellery & décor from artefacts and statues to table decor and beyond, a piece from Lotus’ impressive range of hand crafted masterpieces echoes with opulence and luxury against a captivating pink backdrop with a blue ceiling.


The eclectic range of Lotus Art de Vivre product designs that have built the brand’s varied portfolio of home decor, jewellery & accessories involve life like Crocodile Sculpture, a Handbag made from Cinnamon Sticks, Jewellery made from Scarab Wings, and many more. The list for Lotus’s exclusivity and creativity is known globally and is ever evolving .

Nicklas von Bueren, CEO, Lotus Arts de Vivre


Lotus is the legacy of German born Rolf Von Bueren, who immigrated to Thailand in the 1960’s and has made the Asian nation his home. Mr.Von Bueren has also developed a close relationship with India, a country which he has visited numerous times over close to half a century and one with which he feels great kinship. 


Rolf’s son Nicklas has stepped into his father’s shoes and continues the legacy that is Lotus Arts de Vivre. To commemorate 40 years of Lotus Arts de Vivre, they launched a flagship store in Mumbai, India in 2022.


Nicklas grew up surrounded by his father’s passion for beauty and craftsmanship and sees India as almost a second home.


Nicklas von Bueren says, "I have spent so much time in this beautiful country and have a great love and respect for the people, the art and the craftsmanship of India. We think this  partnership with Strrot is destined for great success and we hope that the discerning clientele of New Delhi will be appreciative of the new range of products that we showcase."


India’s love of jewellery, both gold and precious stones is well known and dates back to the times of Maharajas waging war on the backs of elephants. Perhaps less well known is that our country shares its love of embellishment with the Kingdom of Thailand. 


Home to one of the world’s longest surviving monarchies, Thailand is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality in all things. Jewellery and artifacts crafted in the Kingdom are no different and Lotus Arts de Vivre is a brand that is synonymous with this high quality and beauty. 


Sidhant Lamba, Founder, Strrot, announcing his association with Lotus Arts de Vivre says, “Thrilled and elated as Lotus Arts de Vivre unites with Strrot.  This exceptional brand adds the right value to our endeavours, and the association feels like a perfect symphony. Here's to the harmonious union of vision, brand and looking forward to an incredible journey ahead."


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Address: Continental, Adjoining DDA park, RK Ashram Marg, New Delhi 110001

Lotus Arts de Vivre  at Strrot, Delhi
Lotus Arts de Vivre at Strrot, Delhi
Nicklas von Bueren, CEO, Lotus Arts de Vivre
Nicklas von Bueren, CEO, Lotus Arts de Vivre
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