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Low Screen Resolution, Poor Network Impact App Downloads in India: 9Apps Data Report

May 18, 2016   14:54 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Despite soaring popularity and double-digit growth in Indian smartphone market, low screen size and resolution along with poor network penetration threaten the rate of app adoption in India, according to 9Apps, part of Alibaba Mobile Business Group and India’s most popular third-party app market with over 160 million monthly active users. Indian users install no more than 32 apps on average, much lower than the world average of 42, according to information based on analysis of 9Apps internal data and 9Apps Trends, a data tracking services of 9Apps.


With increased consuming power, more and more Indians are now investing in smartphones. Yet the Top 10 most popular smartphones cost less than 10,000 rupees. According to 9Apps data, over 55% of UC Browser users are using a smartphone less than Rs 10,000 and over 40% of Indian users’ still access internet on screen resolutions less than 480*854. Power drain and limited capacity on these low-end smartphones emerge as the biggest concerns, hindering increased app usage.


According to Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager, 9Apps, “India’s mobile internet generation is young and vibrant with 7 in 10 app users under the age of 25. The growing trend of budget smartphones has also been seen to affect app downloads. Despite being value for money, they undermine the basic web experience due to limited features and capabilities. Also, budget phones come with smaller screens and less powerful hardware. We, at 9Apps, expect that Indian users will install more and more apps on their phones as Moore’s Law makes high-end smartphones affordable to the masses.”


“Frail network infrastructure is also a deterrent. Nearly 60% of Indian users download apps under 2G network. Only a small portion of users enjoy 4G connections when downloading apps. Weak network connectivity undermines a users’ willingness to try out new apps, and can hinder growth of the Indian app market,” he added.


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