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Lucknow Based Punjab Jewellers and Sons Announce Restructuring Plans

Apr 26, 2019   17:15 IST 
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

The brand with a 100-year legacy has announced plans to revamp their business structure to expand their legacy across new horizons. Based on their plans, they will be identifying new practices to tap the potential of the jewellery market more effectively. The announcement comes after a detailed research conducted by 3EA, a globally acclaimed management group revealed major potential touch-points for the brand to tap. PJS has been catering to generations of families & are now looking to put a plan in action to jazz up the market with theme based collections and innovations in entering new markets effectively. For many years North India has been an important market for the brand. The new restructuring plan is being implemented to position the jewellery house as one of the prominent names in the segment amongst the customers in North India and across the country in the coming months. The restructuring plan features attractive expansion opportunities. Being a brand with complete ownership these plans are being touted to support the growth and development strategy of the brand as a whole. They have a huge line of collections and through a practice of introducing new designs biweekly, they seem to be hitting the big league with some elegant and ornate new designs. PJS are pulling all the strings by launching products that have a lot of panache, extra grandeur and freshness in design. Pile on the jewels without having to worry about the quality as PJS have the legacy of clarity and trust.


PJS are looking to place themselves in such a way that they are able to cater to every market possible by creating unique products and channels of entry. Speaking about the restructuring plan, Aditya Chawla, Partner, PJS said, "We are looking into the bigger picture. PJS as a jewellery house is already a household name because of its legacy and trust amongst the customers. We have plans of expanding in the coming years by innovating into new product range, tapping potential markets specially the millennials for which we are channeling our marketing activities in the same direction. It is a strategically planned move to spread the vibe and ornate experience of PJS."


About Punjab Jewellers and Sons

Basking on a rich legacy, Punjab Jewellers and Sons specialize in designing products with true aesthetics and a shiny grandeur. They have products that are apt for both daily use and special occasions. The products by PJS have been showcased extensively in Lucknow and adjoining markets. They are looking forward to expand their presence even more in the coming months. The products on offer include some fresh & youthful designs that also use the traditional touch for which PJS is renowned for, in the market. A brand in the jewellery market survives on three key ethos; quality, trust and innovative designs. They are an ornate amalgamation of all three ethos with a wide product range. If you are looking for bridal jewellery, gifting jewellery or wanting to any design of your choice customized, then PJS will be a match made in jewellery heaven for you.

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