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Madhur Sugar Reassures Commitment to Create Sweet Moments with New Campaign – "Madhur Pal"

Apr 13, 2021 17:14 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Madhur Sugar has constantly reaffirmed its commitment to rekindling the joy of eating sweet delicacies, and that is what it seeks to do through its new campaign that goes by the tagline - "Taaki Mithaas Khilti Rahe".

  • Renowned celebrities have associated with this campaign to raise awareness around pure and hygienic sugar.

  • The focus of the brand is to push forward the pure joy of eating and relish sweet moments.


Madhur Pure & Hygienic Sugar now further strengthens its stance to make every moment sweeter through its new digital campaign - "Madhur Pal". Promoting a guilt-free attitude that’s backed by the assurance of Madhur Sugar’s 5S guarantee of Safed, Shuddh, Samaan, a Sulphur-free process and Surakshit.


Madhur Sugar has always been a step ahead in ensuring the best hygiene, purity and safety with regard to their products.


Madhur Sugar is the country’s largest brand of refined sugar, and also the most loved with the promise of their products being unadulterated and untouched by hands.


The campaign took off with the launch of three films, each centred around cherishable micro-moments between a loving family. Starring Ansha Sayed, a fiercely-loving mother who knows just how to keep everyone on their toes, she reveals the sweetness hidden behind every-day moments we take for granted.


The campaign has known personalities like Krystal D’Souza, Sanaya Irani and husband Mohit Sehgal sharing their #MadhurPal with us.


To ensure that their product resonates with the consumer immediately, the team has based its communication on the joy of creating sweet delicacies like gajar ka halwa and ice cream to name a few. Further, owing to the current scenario, the brand seeks to restate the importance of using clean and hygienic packaged goods. So, while we binge on our favourite sweets, we must assure that every ingredient being used is untouched by hands. As the festive season is about to begin, the excitement as well as preparation is in full swing. The campaign has been launched in various states such as Delhi, Haryana, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab.


The strategy behind it being three fold - Drive awareness via the films, build consideration associating with relevant influencers and eventually give our users countless occasions to celebrate everyone's sweet tooth in the family with Madhur Sugar.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Satbir Sindhu, President Marketing & OD at Madhur Sugar, said, "Madhur Sugar is the name synonymous with purity and hygiene. Considering the havoc that COVID has created, people are now more conscious than ever about the purity and safety of packaged supplies. Through "Madhur Pal", our focus is to reassure the consumers that with Madhur Sugar, everything you cherish while bonding over food and sweets, transform into priceless Madhur moments for a lifetime.”


“We all know that sweets have a special significance in our country. Tapping into this insight, we want to add a sweet touch to the lives of people and make sure our consumers make the most of every special moment by indulging in safe home-made delicacies. Not forgetting that purity and hygiene are of utmost importance and can be best delivered by trusted ingredients like Madhur Sugar,” he added.


Talking about the campaign, Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder & MD, BC Web Wise said, “This campaign captures everyday moments that become that much more joyful with the way these occasions play out. We’ve looked at experiences that not just the audience but all of us could easily connect to, with sugar being a core ingredient of not just the recipe but these joyful moments. The authenticity with which we have captured these relatable moments makes this a winning campaign for us as it resonates so well with what the brand stands for along with the space that these sugar-filled moments hold with the audience.”


About Madhur Sugar

MadhurSugaris the most loved and preferred brand of Sugar in India. Launched in 2007 by Shree Renuka Sugars Limited, it has focussed on providing pure and hygienic sugar to its customers since inception. The only brand in the Sugar industry which has a noticeable outreach programme for its customers, Madhur Sugar is on a mission to educate customers about the perils of purchasing loose sugar and advocates use of only Pure & Hygienic Madhur Sugar.

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