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Manav Rachna Educational Institutions Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Oct 23, 2023 17:44 IST 
Faridabad, Haryana, India
  • The intention of the MoU partnership is to introduce the IBEC (IB Education Certificate) under the Centre for Advanced Learning in Manav Rachna University.

  • MRU and MRIIRS will accept IB’s Career-related Programme (CP) students for industry-aligned education.

  • Manav Rachna International Schools and Kunskapsskolan Schools under MR Group will offer the IB programmes. 


In a significant development that promises to revolutionize education and empower students to thrive and make a difference, the Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Baccalaureate (IB).


Manav Rachna Educational Institutions join hands with International Baccalaureate (IB)


This partnership aims to establish the IB continuum curriculum (PYP, MYP, DP and CP) in schools, implement the IB's Career-related Programme (CP) in Manav Rachna group of Schools, enable CP students to enrol in the two local universities - Manav Rachna (MRU) and Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) - and establish a Centre for Advanced Learning.


The Centre for Advanced Learning will offer the IB Educators Certificate, intended for aspiring educators who seek to acquire the knowledge and skills required to deliver the IB framework effectively and proficiently. The newly launched Centre is dedicated to providing world-class training to IB educators, making Manav Rachna Group the first-ever institution to offer such training in the region.


The IB Leadership Team was represented by Dr. Amy Parker Dixon, Director of Marketing and Communications and Mr. Haif Bannayan, Global Director of Business Development, Mr. Mahesh Balakrishnan, Development and Recognition Manager for India and Nepal, and Mr. Shashikant Vishwakarma, Development & Recognition Associate Manager for India.


The collaboration with the IB represents a shared commitment to providing holistic education for all students, expanding access to IB programmes and offering professional and training development opportunities and resources for educators. The MoU was signed in the presence of Dr. Prashant Bhalla - President, MREI; Dr. Amit Bhalla - President, MREI; Prof (Dr.) Sanjay Srivastava - VC, MRIIRS; Prof (Dr.) I K Bhat, Vice Chancellor, MRU; Dr. Sangita Banga, Pro Vice Chancellor, MRU; Ms. Rashima V Varma, Director, IB Schools; Prof (Dr.) Gauri Bhasin, COO & Executive Director, Admissions & Marketing; Mr. Rajiv Kapoor - Managing Director, MREI; Ms. Ritu Dubey - Head of School, IB at MRIS Sector 14; Mr. Emanule Pesoli - Head of Academics, IB at MRIS Sector 14 and Ms. Sunitha Nambiar - CEO Kunskapsskolan Eduventures Pvt Ltd.


Mr. Haif Bannayan, stated, “It has been a pleasure visiting the campus and being welcomed by Manav Rachna. It's wonderful to see the group of institutions behind the Manav Rachna International Schools and to know about their achievements. I feel the IB continuum fits beautifully as a piece of the puzzle in providing education. We are very excited about this MoU and look forward to further collaboration.”


Dr. Amy Parker Dixon, also shared, “It is wonderful seeing how our values and ambitions align. We place a strong emphasis on the well-being of students and taking a holistic approach to learning, and we have found the same at Manav Rachna.”


Dr. Prashant Bhalla affirmed the partnership, stating, “This collaboration will strengthen the efforts and initiatives that we at Manav Rachna have undertaken through various education programmes in a multitude of verticals. IB has given the much-needed global perspective to the learners who prepare for education and career across the world.”


According to Dr. Amit Bhalla, further representing Manav Rachna schools “Our focus has always been on the holistic growth of every learner and with this MoU with the IB, excellence in education will take a new shape at Manav Rachna, taking learning one notch higher. This collaboration will open the doorway for IB learners to get industry aligned education at Manav Rachna.”


The signing ceremony for this MoU took place on October 17, 2023, at the Manav Rachna campus in Faridabad. The event was attended by distinguished guests, educators, and students, marking a pivotal moment in the institution's history. This MoU will benefit all the Manav Rachna International Schools and Kunskapsskolan Schools that are a part of the MREI tree.


Mr. Mahesh Balakrishnan further expounded, “It's wonderful to see what Manav Rachna has been doing in the domain of sports, teaching-learning in the government schools of Haryana, and in the culinary space. There are vast opportunities for industry-aligned education for the students here and we are happy and excited about IB students coming to Manav Rachna.”


About Manav Rachna

Manav Rachna Group of Schools, a renowned educational institution in India, is dedicated to providing students with a holistic and world-class education. With a commitment to excellence in education, the institution strives to nurture well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact on society.


About the International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a globally recognized organization which offers four high quality educational programmes to over 1.95 million students worldwide. IB programmes are designed to develop students who are intellectually curious, caring, critical thinkers and prepared to make a difference in the world.

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions join hands with International Baccalaureate (IB)
Manav Rachna Educational Institutions join hands with International Baccalaureate (IB)
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