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Manipadma Foundation Launches 'BIG ME - Lab of Transformation'

Over 100 Million individuals expected to be engaged within 2 years

Sep 14, 2020 12:52 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

BIG ME, Lab of Transformation, a project by Manipadma Human Development Foundation was formally launched today all over the world, to enable individuals to achieve their highest potential. Being offered through the online medium using available social media channels, the BIG ME workshop will connect the aspiring individuals with their own power and facilitate them to realize their potential to the fullest.


Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Human Development Foundation

Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Foundation explains, “BIG ME, is a going to be a unique 40-day workshop, where an individual is taken through a series of life-transforming and the most enriching learnings and experiences. We will conduct our first BIG ME workshop on 2nd October 2020. This is just a humble beginning and we hope to actively enable over 100 Million individuals to align their lives with their supreme self through BIG ME Life Lab of Transformation, Workshop by 31st December 2022 via the tools of individual empowerment and social service.”


The BIG ME workshop ( will aim to activate the power, clarity, focus, and concentration within an individual and help perceive the truth of life, the purpose of the universe, and the purpose of one’s own life within the grand scheme. Spread over 40 days, this workshop has the power to affect change throughout the entire lifetime by establishing connect to one’s power, purpose, and ability through the means of 10 priceless gems. BIG ME workshop participants can expect to have never before experience of a new level of powers, which is unfolded for them through 7 layers of leadership, goal, design, team, realtor, success, and service apart from 48 qualities and 48 techniques.


"Manipadma Foundation's vision is dedicated to the development, empowerment, and evolution of humanity. The values of truthfulness, honesty, and integrity are most important in life and they form the very basis of long-lasting relationships. A lot of good manifests, not only for individuals themselves but also for society and the planet and BIG ME workshop addresses to deliver this to their participants thoroughly," said Darryl D'Souza, Co-founder of Manipadma Foundation.


“Manipadma brings in a transformation that is enabled through an awareness of 16 different elements of the supreme self, put into practice through the tools of knowledge, skills, experience, meditations, insights, understandings and service abilities. Manipadma’s global project comprises of 1,125 initiatives which will be implemented across the globe from the year 2020 to 2040,” added Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Foundation.


Manipadma Human Development Foundation


BIG ME workshop works at four levels for any individual associated with this project. BIG ME Iconic Workshop of 40-days as a changemaker, BIG ME Manipadma Icons as joining Manipadma in leadership capacities for human service, BIG ME Rock-Net as life-time access to daily messages, weekly exercises, and various networking opportunities and the last one being BIG ME Mintas, which offers unlimited access to lifetime abundance services by Manipadma foundation including a privilege card with privileges, preferences, and discounts on products and services of over 500 brands.


About Manipadma Foundation

Manipadma Foundation aims to provide a solution to the human cry of suffering across the globe and create leaders who can stand up for themselves, their work, life, family, and they believe that they can, or they will transform humanity and will give their efforts towards the same. Manipadma Foundation works towards this goal through systems understanding, pitfalls, and permanent solutions for life, work, family, society, nation, and humanity. Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Foundation was born as Manish Paliwal, adopted his renaissance name as Manavikas Prashasewa in the 5th month of 2020 - a conscious decision to align his name with the mission he had assigned himself.


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Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Human Development Foundation
Manavikas Prashasewa, Founder of Manipadma Human Development Foundation
Manipadma Human Development Foundation
Manipadma Human Development Foundation
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