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Map My Meet, an Invitation, Coordination and Navigation App, Allows Users to Send e-Invite with Driving Directions for Social Events and Business Meetings

Mar 21, 2016   13:15 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Electronic invitations or e-invites may be the quickest and easiest way to invite friends or colleagues for a get together or business meeting; however, describing the driving directions to the venue to all recipients remains a task for the host. Map My Meet provides a simple yet effective solution to the issue. It is an exclusive and revolutionary route navigation app that, as the name suggests, sends driving directions directly to guests mobile to help them easily find the venue. The route navigation app is compatible with mobile phones and various other Android as well as iOS devices and provides users live routing from their current location to the meeting place.


With the intent to offer insight into the route navigation app, one of the Senior Executives at Map My Meet stated, “Finding an address or location to attend an urgent meeting in an alien place, especially crowded metropolitan cities, usually gets tiring as well as time consuming. However, this is not the case with our exclusive route navigation app. We allow Android as well as iOS gadget users receive real-time driving instructions for better co-ordination and commutation to the place of meeting without any hassle.” He added, “Users can also share their location on the same page as navigation and chat for perfect coordination.”


Map My Meet app also allows users to scroll through or locate various other places of interest, such as restaurants and pubs, located on the way and around the meeting area. Providing instant directions to the users, the radical route navigation app allows them to enjoy the food, drinks and various other attractions of their liking without asking anyone for help or bothering others while heading towards the destination.


“We allow mobile phone or portable gadget users, based on the occasion or their individual requirements, to send the e-party invitation to friends, family and colleagues quickly and efficiently. Our route navigation app is one of the fastest ways to provide or receive driving directions,”  while elaborating the Map My Meet App, the Senior Executive further stated.


The unique and interactive invitation maker app is as simple and effective as it allows users to plan a party or gathering on the go. The users can also share their location on the same page as navigation and chat for perfect and easy coordination. All the user needs to do is get invitation making app and send e-invitations to all the members for a suitable destination. For those who are looking for electronic invitations, Map My Meet can be the right app to arrange a gathering conveniently.


About Map My Meet:

Map My Meet is essentially a mapped invitation app for mobile and cellular devices. It lets users arrange a birthday party, event, meetup or short corporate meeting quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Map My Meet allows users to download navigation app on mobile to reach the meet-up location without wasting any time or effort.  


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Map My Meet
Map My Meet
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