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Phoenix Marketcity
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Masala Coffee and The G Minors at Phoenix Marketcity

Nov 13, 2017   16:07 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Venue: Courtyard, Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore
Time: 6:30 pm onwards




Masala Coffee

Performance Date18th November, 2017

Entry: RSVP or through registration

Masala Coffee was formed in 2014 in Mumbai by Varun Sunil and started working on originals and covers with a folk rock sound. The first two seasons of Music Mojo created a huge wave in the independent music industry with hits like Munbe vaa and Kantha, reaching a million viewers. This was followed by their debut in the Tamil film industry through Uriyadi and later in the Malayalam film industry through Hello Namaste.


Masala Cafe


The band has an experience in different genres of music, collaborating each one to get a unique sound that Masala Coffee has evolved into. The band has derived its name from its vision, to create a blend of all genres of music brought together under the same aura of passion.


The G Minors

Performance Date17th November, 2017

Entry: Free

The G Minors are a group of talented and passionate musicians representing the Gopalan International School. These kids have won quite a few inter school music competitions in Bangalore and have done events at the Signature mall and the Phoenix mall recently. Under the watchful eye of their music sir, Mr. Neville D’monte the band does covers of many pop and rock songs. The Principal of Gopalan International School, Ms. Madhu Narayanan has extended great support to these kids by ensuring that they get enough of practise time and motivates them with her encouraging words. The parents of these kids have also played a big role in supporting their kids realise their dreams on stage.


The G Minors


The highlight of the band is the two drummers who play together for every song. Varun Anand is from grade 4 and Madhav is from grade 7 and are supported by Rakshit on lead, Pranav, Likith and Abhijith on rhythm and bass and Rahul Arun on the keyboard. With a good group of vocalist in the band, the band has won the hearts of many with their performance which has such a professional touch to their stage presence and given the fact that they are from grade 3 to 8 and 2 members from grade 9.

Masala Cafe
Masala Cafe
The G Minors
The G Minors
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