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Meraj gives a New Innovation to the Bridal Wear Spectrum

Apr 13, 2019   10:51 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Fashion without innovation never pulls success. The Indian bridal wear is a huge sector, which is growing in the competition with each passing day. Tapping the potential to successfully climb the ladder of success in the sector, Bengaluru-based Meraj has come up with a new innovation, which is designed to strike a chord with the brides this season. Meraj has released a new lehenga which uses a hybrid design by using rich textured fur in it. This move garnered a lot of eyeballs in the industry during its display in a fashion show. Meraj has always had the vision to position themselves as a brand with a dash of uniqueness to be a cut above the rest. The newly released designs help them to further firm their feet in the niche fashion market. In addition to the product release, the brand also mentioned about the efforts that went into researching behind the release. A globally acclaimed management consulting group, 3EA was roped in to do a market survey in order to identify the positioning and predict the leverage for the new product. According to the survey by 3EA, the new designs released by Meraj have what it takes to differentiate the label from the rest and carve a niche for themselves in the market.


‘Meraj’ - Acing The Fashion Race with New Innovations


The creativity behind the new design is the focus it places on highlighting the best of India’s traditions and merging it with new-age materials for a classy hybrid design. The lehenga from the label will surely be on the wish list of many brides for their big day. The pricing and the availability of the product is also being fixed by keeping all these aspects in mind. The modern woman is all about making a splash and the new collection is designed to help her do it with aplomb on her special day. While it might be an oxymoron in the fashion world, innovation is fast making place in the Indian bridal space.


"Steadiness and stale designs never work in our sector. We always work and brainstorm to provide some unique, modish and unique designs to our customers. The new conceptual line launched by us creating a fusion of fur and feather hits the spot and has already garnered tremendous accolades from the fraternity in India and abroad," – Meraj Anwar, Founder, Meraj Studio.


The designs by Meraj make today's bride embrace traditions with grace and panache. If you are a modern Indian bride looking to make a style statement by blending the dazzle with new-age subtlety. Teaming up this hybrid new-age lehenga with a subtle choli or opting for a dupatta that has heavy embroidery is in vogue these days could definitely work. If you want to explore their collection, please visit the following link.


About Meraj

Meraj is all about bringing fresh innovative designs via putting their creative minds to work. The designs by the label reflect the traditional richness with a sprinkle of new-age and out-of-the-box ethnic fusion look. Be it a fashion conscious bride, groom or the entire family, the products by Meraj add that spark to the personalities through its fabulous range of theme-based and tailor-made clothing. If you are looking for a look that features the best of the fashion world, look no further than Meraj. Focusing on the vision to be the pioneers in the sector, Meraj has already sent a benchmark for the other by creating ripples across the globe and featuring in several fashion weeks and events.


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‘Meraj’ - Acing The Fashion Race with New Innovations
‘Meraj’ - Acing The Fashion Race with New Innovations
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