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Mr. Sreedhar G V is the New Chairman of All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF)

Sep 16, 2015   14:20 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has appointed Mr. Sreedhar G V as Chairman. Mr. Sreedhar is the former Director and Vice Chairman of GJF and has been closely associated with GJF since it was first founded. He has been actively participated in its numerous initiatives and programmes aimed at uplifting the domestic gem and jewellery industry. Having been part of other renowned associations in Bengaluru, the dynamic entrepreneur brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, leading GJF towards its objective of serving as the role model federation in the country.

Belonging to a family of jewelers, Mr. Sreedhar G V, Managing Director of Sree Rama Jewels, Bengaluru is an eminent member of the trade in Bengaluru and has in the past also served as the Chairman of the Jewellers’ Association, Bengaluru wherein he was credited with significantly improving membership and attracting sponsorship with the view to progress the activities of the association on behalf of the industry. He has also been the President of The Avenue Road Commercial Association (TARCA) in Bengaluru, an organization that has been an active propagator of preserving the city’s natural environment, roads and parks as part of the city’s heritage. A philanthropist at heart, he serves as a Trustee with the Vasavi Charitable Trust and Vasavi Educational Trust, promoting education and undertaking various social activities in the city.

As the force behind the rapid growth and expansion Sree Rama Jewels in Bengaluru, Mr. Sreedhar G V demonstrates great passion for the business combined with keen acumen. The soft spoken entrepreneur believes in maintaining a personal touch and a fair and humane approach towards workers and kaarigar issues that affect the industry, promoting talent and creating better working environment for its workforce.

Speaking about his appointment, he said, “I am indeed honored to be given this great responsibility of helming the affairs at GJF. The organization is one of the most prestigious in the industry and has achieved great command and respect in the last decade, since its inception. I share my vision with the members and Committee of Administration of GJF and believe that the industry must remain united and together we must continue our individual and collective efforts to achieve greater prominence and growth for the industry sector”.

The All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) represents over 6,00,000 players comprising manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, laboratories, gemologists, designers and allied services to the domestic Gems & Jewellery industry. The Gems & Jewellery industry is a hand crafted and labour intensive with over 1 crore strong labour force engaged in the manufacturing of jewellery industry in the domestic sector. The Federation’s mission is to support and promote the progress and prosperity of all the members in the gems and jewellery industry across India. It also provides regular news updated on notifications, rules and regulations declared by the Government. It promotes the trade, by participating in promotional events on a national level. It encourages the trade through the organization of consumer exhibits in India. It also counsels educational and research institutes that help in developing superior quality and high standards for effective functioning of the trade. The gems and gold jewellery business has made significant contribution to the Indian economy and society. The sector has grown phenomenally on the national and international front in the last few years. The industry is in transition phase where family owned entrepreneurial businesses are slowly evolving and transforming into organized professional organizations. Creating a proper policy framework will pave the way for stimulating growth and encouragement.

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Mr. Sreedhar G V
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