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Mumbai Based D2C Health and Nutrition Food Startup "The Filling Station" has Come up with Nutrient Balanced Food Products

Jul 25, 2022 13:39 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Filling Station, is a Mumbai-based D2C Health and Nutrition Food Startup founded in 2022 by Mahua Ghosh & Suvankar Ghosh. The Filling Station is providing Delicious, healthy & nutrient balanced food products that are healthier alternative to the food everyone eats, to help achieve holistic health benefits without compromising the tastebud. Some of their products are Traditional Indian Laddoo sweetened with Palm Jaggery, Nutrient Rich Laddoo made with Oats, Makhana, seeds & Nuts, Date Spread and Makhana & 4 Seed Trail Mix.


Mahua Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO


The Founder while sharing about the reason for the inception of their brand, said that they think most Indian face the problem of not having healthy options in the food they love to eat. While looking for healthy alternatives in the market themselves, the founders realized how “unhealthy”, “unhygienic”, the “healthy” options were. They found that if the food was tasty, it was not healthy, product claiming to be low in calories was high in sodium. Understanding this issue, with a team of experienced Nutritionist and food technologists, they have developed food products that are not only healthy & but nutritiously balanced and delicious at the same time.


The Filling Station is delivering their products across India through their website Within their 2 months of operation, the founders have shared that their products are being very much appreciated and loved. They are receiving high repeat orders.


Mahua Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO, who is also a Certified Nutrition Expert, believes in creating value through their products. It is very important to spread the power of healthy living among everyone. Having 11 yrs. of experience of running fast food joint, cloud kitchen & frozen retails, she prefers to remain connected to her customers so that she can understand their need and come up with solution through the products that are developed.


Suvankar Ghosh, Co-founder, believes in healthy living. He is a health freak and believes in spreading healthy living among all. He had been through the journey of turning to healthy living from a very unhealthy lifestyle. Having witnessed this journey first hand, he wants to provide the option of not only healthy snacking but holistic snacking to everyone.


The Filling Station is part of the Startup Ecosystem with The Startup Chaupal, a Jaipur based incubator.


You can reach out to them through email [email protected].  

Mahua Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO
Mahua Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO
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