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NetRack Deploying High-density Rack Power to Support Healthcare - iPDU

Mar 02, 2022 14:50 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The healthcare segment in the last few decades has seen myriad challenges. The aging population, fund scarcity, limited resources, and unreasonable pressure on the healthcare workers are some of them that have contributed to adding a digital equation to the healthcare sector.


NetRack - iPDU


Need for digital infrastructure

Digitalization of healthcare ensured digital innovation and the continued wellbeing of patients with the help of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), telehealth, and AI-driven diagnostic tools. This enhanced the need for digital infrastructure considering the criticality of the sector that cannot afford any downtime of the server. According to secondary research, a 36% annual growth rate of data for healthcare is anticipated by 2025. Especially as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare sector has started depending upon patient management platforms, telehealth services, remote care solutions, and healthcare self-service portals. This contributed to the demand for IT infrastructure to support such digital complexity and ensure that access to medical records becomes smooth and feasible.


Infrastructural growth and support are possible through flexible modular products that provide scalability and agility while reducing maintenance and upscaling costs. A modular UPS can be added or removed based on the power requirement. This makes the process energy-efficient and robust.


A high-density modular cooling solution enables heat reduction of high heat density systems. In this regard, airflow management also involves easily-installed rack fan units with an energy-efficient design. Thermal solutions also help manage heat in small spaces such as; network closets and edge applications.


Deployment of PDU

However, choosing an intelligent modular rack PDU can enhance the infrastructural agility of a data center catering to a critical sector such as healthcare. Hence, preconfigured infrastructure solutions are rapidly gaining popularity with integrated environmental monitoring capabilities. With time, the dependence of the operation of the IT infrastructure of the healthcare sector grew on PDU - which became the powerhouse to disseminate power to the servers and business-critical equipment. 


Types of iPDU in general


  1. Metered Inlet PDU

  2. Metered Outlet PDU

  3. Switched PDU

  4. Switched PDU with Outlet Metering 

The advantage of using an intelligent PDU is its multiple outlets that connect with the networking equipment and all the storage devices within the rack. Hence, it can cater to the healthcare IT infrastructure with complex requirements. This ensures reliable, adequate, and consistent power supply throughout the servers and networking equipment for assured business continuity. 


Benefits of iPDU

  1. Optimal use of power

  2. Optimal Usage of Servers

  3. Monitor circuit breakers

  4. Intelligent features

  5. Cost-efficient

  6. Addresses all challenges

  7. Reliable

  8. Plug and play sensors

The following are the focus areas that enhanced the capacity and capability of the healthcare sector through the deployment of high-density power rack solutions to support the digital infrastructure of the healthcare industry.


  • Improve power efficiency

  • Ensure business continuity

  • Ensure scalability

  • Promote a green data center

  • Collect real-time data to monitor alerts

  • Ensure cooling efficiency

  • Improve capacity planning

  • Improve temperature. Humidity monitoring

  • Reduce downtime


About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. offers intelligent PDU solutions to the healthcare sector to enhance the utilization and maintenance of power resources. Netrack has 3 types of PDUs to cater to the industry.


  • Standard Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase

  • Metered Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase

  • Intelligent Power Distribution units 1 & 3 Phase


In General the PDUs must have the following features and accessories.


  • 256-bit AES encryption hardware core

  • User authentication through LDAP, MSAD, CCSG

  • Alerts and traps through SNMP, SMTP, Syslog

  • PDU-level, and outlet-level power switching


PDUs offerd by NetRack ensure reliability and protection with MCB & fuses. It has input either open or with Indian/IEC Plugs. They are available in horizontal, vertical mounting, and standard shelf models customized as per requirement.

NetRack - iPDU
NetRack - iPDU
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