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NetRack Launches iRack/iRack Block for Modular Data Centers

Aug 04, 2022 12:34 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Organizations' growing dependency on data centers led to certain modifications and implementation of features and facilities to enhance the efficiency of the data center and make it more sustainable for a future of possibilities. The new data centers are functionally efficient with adequate cooling capacity, ensuring that the mission-critical equipment and servers are safe from overheating.

NetRack's iRack/iRack Block for Modular Data Centers

NetRack, one of the pioneers in manufacturing rack enclosures, emphasizes offering a controlled environment with efficient airflow management and cooling facilities to create an ecosystem of long-term facility hosting equipment. Since efficient cooling is the key to the successful operation of a data center, be it large, medium-sized, or small - NetRack designs the racks to ensure feasibility as per the requirement to cater to the growing demand.

Shared challenges across organizations

  1. Overheating of equipment

  2. Outage due to equipment failure

  3. Scalability issues

  4. Footprint

  5. High deployment cost

  6. Security concerns

  7. Efficiency and PUE Challenges

  8. Power and energy management

  9. High maintenance cost 

  10. Lack of support

Self-cooling racks for an agile data center

NetRack’s iRack series is a specially designed rack enclosure with self-cooling capacity. It ensures optimal cooling of all the equipment and servers hosted within through the air-conditioning feature installed within the rack. The iRack has a guaranteed IP 50 for dust protection and low maintenance. To add to the benefits, the low installation cost is a relief, especially for the small-scale organizations opting for it.

Efficient features 

  • IP 50 rated UL Certified rack construction.

  • The top and bottom frames are equipped with PG Glands for cable entry/exit.

  • Manufactured with 6 steel sheets folded to form 75mm 16 Gauge profile.

  • Front glass door with Intelligent lock feature.

  • Back metal door with Intelligent lock feature.

  • Plain dual side panels ensuring compliance with IP50.

  • Free standing feature on a plinth with 1500kg load bearing capacity.

  • Air-seal kit, Blanking panels, Gland Plate Modules for complete Airflow management.

  • Integrated with PAC Unit (7kW- 55W), UPS & Battery bank, intelligent PDU, Fire and Environmental Monitoring system along with Micro DCIM Software. 


iRack and iRack Block – a revolutionary offering 

NetRack designed iRack Block to primarily cater to large requirements while the iRack solution offers smaller setups. The rack has self-cooing, self-powered and self-contained features - a step towards intelligent infra capsules or modular data centers.

Both iRack and iRack Blocks are designed to offer a self-sustained miniature data center with built-in precession cooling. To achieve higher PUE, the in-rack cooling happens on R410 refrigerant, which reduces the carbon footprint. This addresses one of the challenges that organizations face. The low deployment and maintenance costs make it an excellent option to add more rack enclosures in the future.

Recently NetRack upgraded the iRack Blocks with next-generation intelligent PDUs. It also has an in-built energy-saving module specially manufactured for on-premise deployment. It operates in an inverter technology compressor with an EC fan to enhance the cooling aspect. It’s rated IP 50 and can bear a load capacity of up to 1500 kgs. It is equipped with DCIM software that helps to collect data for strategic decisions.

Both iRack and iRack Blocks are manufactured out of steel sheet - punched, formed, welded, and powder coated with quality products. These welded ultra-rigid racks meet the highest quality standards per ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing & Quality management system.

iRack offerings

  • Advanced features

  • Self-contained 

  • Self-powered

  • Self-cooling capacity

  • Managed airflow system 

  • Thermal monitoring

  • Built-in fire detection and suppression system

  • Intelligent locking features

  • Space-saving solution (perfect for smaller requirements)

  • Cost-efficient

iRack Block offerings

  • Precession cooling 

  • Comes with associated accessories

  • Reduce carbon footprint 

  • Scalable and modular solution 

  • Futuristic and cost-efficient

  • Intelligent Rack access and locking systems

  • End-to-end server management

  • Monitoring and physical security of the racks

About NetRack

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of rack enclosures with integrated locking, monitoring, and alarming features along with self-cooling capability to ensure cooling and security compliance. Both iRack and iRack Blocks are reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient and can be customized. They are catering to the growing demand for network cooling solutions.

  • Perfect for remote locations

  • Real-time saving on deployment

  • Plug and play concept

  • 30% energy saving

NetRack’s iRack and iRack Blocks are a value add to the requirement of rack enclosures with a comprehensive cooling solution.


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NetRack's iRack/iRack Block for Modular Data Centers
NetRack's iRack/iRack Block for Modular Data Centers
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