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Parimatch Introduces LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto

A Simple Way to Transform Just Rs. 1 Rupee Into a Whopping Rs. 10,000 Jackpot!

Jan 16, 2024 16:17 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Introducing LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto, brought to you by Parimatch's official brand hero, LAKHY THE TIGER. Known for his commitment to competition and winning, LAKHY eagerly shares the news about the launch of this exclusive football edition, following the success of the popular Cricket ToTo.


Parimatch Introduces LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto


LAKHY Football ToTo combines the passion of football with the chance to win a Rs. 10,000 jackpot plus share the prize pool with other participants. From now on, watching football is not just an enjoyable pastime but also a rewarding experience!


LAKHY Football ToTo is very similar to a standard lotto, but instead of guessing random numbers players have to predict the outcomes of popular football events offered by Parimatch. There are 10 events presented in a single bet slip, each with 3 possible outcomes. Test your football knowledge and find out if your predictions will lead you to big winnings!


Your Chances of Winning

The prize pool of the LAKHY Football ToTo increases with more bets, similar to a regular lotto. The more people place bets, the bigger it gets.


To claim a share of the prize pool, you need to make at least 6 correct predictions out of 10. Those LAKHY players who predict all 10 outcomes correctly in a single draw will hit the jackpot worth Rs. 10,000! The best part is that you can make as many bets as you wish!


The prize pool share is determined based on the number of correct predictions as follows:

  • 10 correct predictions-Jackpot +10% prize pool

  • 9 correct predictions-10% prize pool

  • 8 correct predictions-20% prize pool

  • 7 correct predictions-22% prize pool

  • 6 correct predictions-38% prize pool


Wrapping Up

LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto is designed to add an extra layer of excitement to the world of sports betting, offering football fans a unique chance to Win Big in just a few clicks.


Parimatch invites you to test your skills and benefit from this time-limited promotion: join the game for just Rs. 1 throughout January 15-20. Match results will be announced on January 21-22, offering a week of exclusive opportunities.


For more details about LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto, please watch the educational video.   


About Parimatch

Parimatch is the #1 global gaming platform, that provides a complete suite of sports and casino online betting services to its customers. Since 1994, Parimatch has grown to be enjoyed by 3,000,000 active users worldwide. It is trusted by the world's top athletes and celebrities: famous Indian actresses Kajal Aggarwal and Trinidadian cricket star Nicholas Pooran are among their brand ambassadors. Parimatch is a partner of such cricket teams as Mumbai Indians Cape Town and Jamaica Tallawahs, an exclusive global partner of a football team Chelsea F.C. Also, Parimatch proudly holds the title sponsorship of the renowned Brazilian club Botafogo RJ and acts as a sponsor for the Campeonato Paulista de Futebol Feminino and Stock Car Pro Series. Since 2019, Parimatch is one of the leading betting brands in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Parimatch Introduces LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto
Parimatch Introduces LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto
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