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Portronics Unveils First Ever Mobile Stand “Mobilo” With LED Lamp For Your Mobile

Flexible Mobile stand that gives you the true hands-free experience of working on your mobile

Dec 04, 2014   18:05 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Portronics is dedicated towards providing portable devices and gadgets with an aim to enhance the functionality and productivity of organisations and individuals.Continuing its surge in providing innovative solutions for a better managed lifestyle, Portronics proudly presents its first ever adjustable Mobile stand “Mobilio”, with an add-on feature of an LED lamp.


Mobilio is a perfectly designed hardware solution that gives you the true hands-free experience while playing from your mobile and also the freedom to adjust your mobile the way you like it in terms of its angle and position of play.


Mobilio supports an adjustable mount that holds your Mobile securely above a staging area, where the mobile screen can be adjusted at any angle or position. Its flexible aluminium gooseneck holder provides a flexible and adjustable option to change the angles of your mobile to suit your convenience; whether you are lying down or sitting. Secure your mobile to the stage, adjust to a comfortable distance and you are good to go.


The stage is illuminated by an adjustable LED light, and an integrated cable management that keepsthe cords conveniently out of the way. Mobilio also supports a complete 360 degrees of rotation for landscape and portrait viewing mode.


Mobilio is suitable for mobiles starting from 3.5 inches to 6.3 inches. With the added LED lamp option it can also be used just like a normal bedside lamp when not holding the mobile. The bottom clamp can be easily attached to any surface like the headboard of the bed, a table or even outdoors depending on where you wish to use your mobile.


Mobilio is sure safe and its anti-slip design offers top protection for mobiles.



  • Suitable for 3.5" to 6.3" mobile phones.


  • Length: 920MM


  • Lamp Type: LED


  • Power: 2W


  • Colour Temperature: 4000 ~ 4500K


  • Highest illumination is more than 140 lm


  • Input voltage: DC 5V


  • Input Current: 0.5 ~ 1A     


  • Material used:TPU, ABS, nylon


  • Bottom clamp can attach to 80MM and smaller objects


  • Weight of the Bearing at the end of the rod: 300g



Price and availability

Mobilio is available at a price of Rs.1599.


To know more about availability visit


About Portronics India:

Portronics India, deals in innovative, portable and digital devices that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises and individuals. With a PAN India presence, Portronics is committed to deliver its products anywhere in India. The sole provider of superior portable Digital innovative solutions serving both the Retail and the Enterprise segments, Portronics aims to fulfil the need of every customer by providing innovative and elegant digital solutions, outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value and thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. For more information please visit



Mobilio Picture
Mobilio Picture
Mobilio Picture
Mobilio Picture
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