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"Timely Actions Towards Sustainable Practices are Essential for a Significant Positive Impact," Emphasizes Gitanjali Singh, Head of Strategy & Sales at Visionet BFSI

Apr 27, 2023 15:42 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

For many companies, sustainability is an afterthought, something that they pay lip service to but don't actively pursue. However, for Visionet Systems, sustainability is a core part of its ethos. They understand that their actions have a direct impact on the environment, and it is crucial for them to consistently reflect on the impact of their actions. To create a sustainable workplace, they believe that it's not just about reducing their carbon footprint but also about promoting a sustainable mindset among their employees. They understand that leaders play a crucial role in creating a culture of sustainability within the workplace and are a driving force behind creating awareness among employees.


Gitanjali Singh - Head of Strategy and Sales, Visionet BFSI


Through consistent sessions, the organization steers a dialogue about eco-friendly practices and inculcating sustainable habits. Gitanjali Singh, Head of Strategy and Sales, at Visionet BFSI says, "We have made it our personal endeavor to encourage our employees to participate in pan-organization cleanliness drives, making them active contributors to protecting the environment. These drives provide an excellent opportunity for our employees to come together and work towards a common goal, creating a sense of community and shared responsibility. We understand that these drives are not just a one-time event, but they're a continuous effort to keep our surroundings clean."


In addition, we're also gifting every new employee a plant to signify the growth they promise them. "This has led to a cozy nook of green cover within the concrete walls which has directly impacted morale and moods among the team. Clearly, even small actions can lead to a significant positive impact," Gitanjali adds.


Lastly, the organization is taking steps towards a paperless office. They understand that this is a gradual process, but by embracing digital solutions and promoting sustainable practices, they can create a tangible impact. Through its sustainable practices, this corporate organization is leading the way toward a greener future. They are setting an example for other companies to follow and proving that even small actions can have a significant positive impact on the environment.


About Visionet Systems, Inc.

Visionet Systems, Inc. is a premier information technology, consulting, and business process management company that delivers solutions to enable its clients to do business better. Visionet delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a holistic view of Business through Technology. By combining digital strategy, customer-centric design and advanced analytics, Visionet helps its clients create successful and adaptive businesses in banking, retail, insurance, distribution, and manufacturing. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a solid commitment to sustainability, and good corporate citizenship, Visionet has a dedicated workforce of over 7000, with its presence in ten countries across four continents.

Gitanjali Singh - Head of Strategy and Sales, Visionet BFSI
Gitanjali Singh - Head of Strategy and Sales, Visionet BFSI
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