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RachTR Chemicals Private Limited

RachTR Chemicals Launches ProtekTR

Aug 14, 2020 16:27 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

RachTR Chemicals, (a Delhi-based construction chemicals startup), launches ProtekTR (RachTR VIRO SHIELD), a water borne nano-coating that keeps the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens. In these times of Pandemic, such a unique and highly beneficial product is the need of the hour.



Once applied it forms a long-lasting, wear resistant ultra-thin layer of nanoparticles. The unique and innovative bactericidal and virucidal properties are proven to make the surfaces 99.91% free from all sorts of germs/bacteria/Virus as per standard JISZ2801:2010 along with some other independent and accredited laboratories (NABL certified labs, suggested by ICMR). It has been substantiated to remain active on surface for minimum 90 days if not damaged mechanically. It also prevents malodours due to the growth of mold, fungus and yeast and can be used on all porous and non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, ceramics, fabric, textiles, natural stones etc.


Mr. Ramkant Pandey, Co-founder, RachTR Chemicals said, “COVID outbreak has shifted world’s focus on preventive healthcare at a massive level. Along with a healthier lifestyle, hygiene and cleanliness has emerged as an essential aspect of living. This crisis has also brought forth our limitations and vulnerabilities towards infectious pathogens including viruses, bacteria etc. Disinfectants and sanitizers have become a part of our daily life. But the current disinfectants provide only temporary solutions against such invisible pathogens, resulting in a contrasting performance, increased maintenance costs and operational hiccups.”


He added further “Today’s consumers are looking forward to smart health protection systems. To solve this problem, RachTR Chemicals, (a Delhi-based construction chemicals startup) has launched ProtekTR (RachTR VIRO SHIELD), a water borne nano-coating that keeps the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens.


ProtekTR (RachTR Viro-Shield) Antimicrobial coating immobilizes the pathogens on the surface. The Polycationic nano particles in the coating rupture the RNA of pathogens and deactivate them. The pathogens which have been deactivated get self-cleaned because of the action of the coating. ProtekTR continues to deactivate additional pathogens that accumulate through further contact.


Mr. Ramkant Pandey, Co-founder, RachTR Chemicals


About RachTR Chemicals Private Limited

RachTR Chemicals Private Limited is a Delhi based startup providing indegenous and technologically advance solutions to ceramics and construction industry. It was brought into existence in September 2013 by a team of four entrepreneurs - Ramakant Pandey, Sameer Jakhar, Nikhaar Jain and Abhishek Poddar. RachTR Chemicals was galvanised to fix the dilemma of access to quality solutions in construction chemicals.


With a robust in-house R&D and state of art manufacturing units, the company aims to deliver technological value to the customers through quality products in minimal possible time.


The team at RachTR is an ideal confluence of professionals, who are united by the aim of actively revolutionising the construction chemical needs in the country. A balanced synthesis of young and experienced, the team includes an enviable cluster of people formerly associated with leading companies including Asian Paints and Wipro, and hailing from prestigious institutions like Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Technology.


Driven by strong consumer focus and innovative spirit, RachTR continuously strives to transform the construction chemicals industry in India. Within four years of its dawn, the company has been successfully able to demonstrate its capabilities by being ahead of the curve in the ever evolving construction chemical space.


The product portfolio includes an extensive variety of adhesives, epoxy systems, protection and cleaning & maintenance solutions. RachTR has over 6 years experience in research and development of products and process in field including superior products in Construction Chemicals, High Performance Coatings etc, Cosmetics etc.


  • They have developed more than 40 products in last 6 years, out of which 30 are being currently sold in more than 3 different continents.

  • Ability to develop product on new concepts from scratch and to take it to market ready stage which includes Product Design, Pilot Testing, Large Scale Manufacturing, Designing QC Standards, Application Methodology and Troubleshooting.

  • Expertise in developing cost optimised product which suits the specific industry.

  • Developed products more than 10 different market segments including Construction Chemicals and Adhesives, Personal Care, Home Care, Automotive Coatings, Industrial Coatings and adhesives, Polymeric Membranes, and etc


About the Ramakant Pandey
An IIM Lucknow alumnus, Ramakant Pandey is the Founder and Director at RachTR Chemicals Private Limited, shouldering the responsibility of overseeing the company’s overall business strategy and driving growth. He manages all aspects of business from initial scoping through strategic and fiscal planning to final delivery.


He has over a decade of profound experience in Sales and go-to Market strategy amongst others and has demonstrated those skills to spearhead the conceptualisation and launch of RachTR Chemicals. 


Prior to his entrepreneurial debut with RachTR in 2013, Ramakant has worked with Asian Paints that helped him in understanding team building and setting up operational processes. He is distinguished for being a star achiever, bringing about turning points in projects that he has handled. His farsightedness coupled with his unique ability to connect the dots from strategy to tactic has helped him to build RachTR’s reputation for delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for construction industry.

Mr. Ramkant Pandey, Co-founder, RachTR Chemicals
Mr. Ramkant Pandey, Co-founder, RachTR Chemicals
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