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RDX Dance Championship Season 2 Culminates in a Spectacular Grand Finale Showcasing Exceptional Talent and Triumphs

Nov 28, 2023 13:10 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The highly anticipated culmination of the RDX Dance Championship Season 2 unfolded at the prestigious Lajpat Bhawan Auditorium on November 26th, 2023. This grand event marked the pinnacle of months-long auditions spanning various cities across the country, gathering the most exceptional dancers for an electrifying showdown.


Felicitating RDX winners


The evening commenced with spellbinding Classical Dance performances evaluated by the discerning judge, Ashwini Soni. Witnessing 13 remarkable displays in this category, the winners emerged as follows: Dishika Chhabra claimed 2nd runner-up, the 1st runner-up position was seized by Kala Nidhi Sangeet Mahavidyalaya Senior Crew, and the coveted winner's title was claimed by the outstanding Anwesha Mohan.


The Western Dance Category, under the astute judgment of Shivanshu Soni, showcased unparalleled talent. In the Solo Jr category, Anhad Singh emerged victorious while Riya Expression Queen secured the 2nd runner-up position, and a tie between Chanchal Kashyap & Inoshi Singh earned them the 1st runner-up spot. In the Solo Senior Category, Gautam Pathak triumphed as the winner, followed by Veenu as the 1st runner-up and Bharat Thapa as the 2nd runner-up. Duet performances saw Yogi & Himu clinching the 1st prize, while Nitin & Alok secured 2nd place and Jeetu & Adi claimed the 3rd prize.


The group dance category saw fierce competition, with Flow India claiming the prestigious winner's title, followed by Urban Hopper Crew as 1st runner-up and CVS Zestreets as the 2nd runner-up, delivering performances that enthralled the audience.


REDFM, the official radio partner, added vibrancy to the event, with RJ Misha gracing the evening as the Chief Guest alongside distinguished personalities like Former RJ Nitinn and Ashish K Singh, Founder of New Delhi Film Foundation.


Expressing his delight at the event's success, organizer Vaibhav Maitreya remarked, "The growth and magnificence of this event continue to surpass our expectations. With over 500 entries and 70 finalists competing across four dance categories, including the remarkable participation from Delhi University Dance Societies, the talent showcased was awe-inspiring. Season 3 promises exciting changes in format, building on this success."


The evening saw heartwarming gestures as RJ Nitinn gifted a Team India Jersey to a member of CVS Zestreet and a Virat Kohli signed cap to a contestant from the ADC Dance Crew.


Adding to the allure of the event were three captivating showcases by Aayushi Sharma, Kanchan Patwa & Swapnil Singh, enthralling the audience with their mesmerizing performances.


Anticipation is already building for Season 3, slated to roll out in January 2024. The RDX Dance Championship continues to serve as a dynamic platform uncovering untapped talent across the nation, evolving as a movement that grows grander and more inspiring each passing year.

Felicitating RDX winners
Felicitating RDX winners
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