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Smek India Group Source Name: Smek India Group Launches India’s No. 1 International Real Estate Magazine

India’s first international real estate magazine

Oct 27, 2014   14:26 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Smek India Group pioneered the innovative real estate news portal in the past are recently launched its exclusive magazine on real estate and luxury real estate lifestyle at a grand and scintillating event held in New Delhi, October 22nd, 2014. This splendid publication is designed to enhance real estate social networking and extend business relations in the real estate industry.


According to the editor in chief Mr. Kumar SaurabhRealty fact news portal was initiated 2 years back with the envision to bring out niche, relevant and quality publications for the real estate investors, he further added this November the magazine will also be launched in Dubai, US, and Europe”.


In real estate industry, realty fact will be a reliable associate to provide public relations services, broaden the spectrum of advertising and other digital and social media marketing privileges to generate enough foot traffic for sensible and more profitable business. Realty fact magazine also emphasize on national and international real estate branding programs to create awareness and share global information about different types of real estate companies such as home builders, realtors, real estate companies, mortgage companies, etc. The primary goal of the realty fact magazine is to guide investors, promoters and buyers on the trends and latest developments pertaining to real estate firms as well as to update new advancement in the real estate industry.


Furthermore Realty fact digital magazine is available on Magzter, Apple, Google play along with many more national as well as international digital magazine newsstands, e commerce websites and web portals. One can also choose from diverse platforms viz. iOS, Android, Windows 8, web, etc to Buy, download and read Realty fact Magazines on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablets, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, Web, Mac and PCs. Printed realty fact magazine hard copy is to be circulated amongst all Top Management CEO, President, Principal Managing Partner, Owner Executive Director, CFO, Executive Vice President, VP, AVP, General Manager.


Go grab your digital edition of Realty fact Magazine subscriptions from Magzter – The Digital Newsstand and to subscribe print edition contact at [email protected], phone number- +91 9560180555.


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