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Recenturesoft Launches WorkTrackZilla: A Modern Employee Monitoring Software for Work From Home Employees

Mar 04, 2022 11:32 IST 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned IT solutions provider in India. They offer various types of services, including web development, mobile app development, software development, online brand building, digital marketing, and much more.


Mr. Shiva Nand - Founder and CEO Recenturesoft


The company makes a perfect balance of its development trajectory as there have been constant advancements in every way: expert team, economic results, effective marketing strategies and values, to have a remarkable presence in the market with potential clients. They also provide a variety of web development services, from building mobile web development and user-friendly designs to custom eCommerce and online marketing services using the latest and proven frameworks and technologies.


"Realism is the key to envision a greater future. With the advent of a modern IT world, Recenturesoft remains the pinnacle of growth and reality, " Mr. Shiva Nand.


Their website developers have worked closely with Mr. Nand and their customers to deliver unique yet scalable solutions when it comes to employee monitoring.


Founder and Director Mr. Shiva Nand’s vision has led the company to offer a new product in the market- WorkTrackZilla, A modern employee monitoring software for work from home employees. The idea of WorkTrackZilla hit Mr. Shiva amidst the pandemic when a lot of companies were new towards adjusting to remote working.


With the changing market, Mr. Shiva Nand envisions delivering WorkTrackZilla on a national and global level with effective pricing and putting customers at the top.


Let’s understand their core product in detail

WorkTrackZilla  WorkTrackZilla is the new-gen remote employee monitoring software for analysing your employee's productivity during their working hours. This monitoring tool is secure, versatile and easy to use. It offers a time tracking tool that enables tracking the working hours of individual employees or the entire team.


The software clearly shows the amount of time an employee is dedicated to working related tasks versus the amount of time they're idle or wasting their time doing unproductive things. WorkTrackZilla software is helpful for business managers to monitor the work of their employees and take further actions.


It also comes with a feature of computer screenshot capture, which takes the screenshot of the employee's desktop at a set interval. Some of the other key features of WorkTrackZilla includes:


  • Idle time recording

  • Desktop recording

  • Website & URL tracking, etc.      

At present, WorkTrackZilla has been sourced by more than 30 companies with positive feedback all over the clouds. It works on a basic principle to facilitate friendly employee tracking without much pressure.


For more information about WorkTrackZilla visit:


Why Partner with Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd.?

Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. tailors its processes depending on the client's scale and needs. They begin by mapping a strategy, developing a prototype, creating the beta version and finally launching the product. With a team of expert web developers and designers, you can expect mind-blowing custom web developments from this agency that covers all sorts of web development solutions, ranging from planning, designing to development and deployment. Their professionals are specialized in creating websites and applications using open source technologies like WordPress, JavaScript and PHP.


Listed below are some of the points that prove why they are a leading web development company:


  • Expert Web Developers

  • Timely Project Delivery       

  • Agile Approach

  • Scalability


"We are very proud of the growth of the company, the offerings we provide and for the upcoming years of success and evolutions. We will continue to work hard and provide top quality to our clients at all times," says Mr. Nand.


For more information about Recenturesoft Infotech Pvt. Ltd., visit: or call +91 777-000-3288


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Mr. Shiva Nand - Founder and CEO Recenturesoft
Mr. Shiva Nand - Founder and CEO Recenturesoft
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