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Rentokil PCI's The Great Pest-Free Festivity Offer to Celebrate the Festive Season with Innovation and Discounts

Oct 10, 2023 16:21 IST 
Delhi, India

With the festive season just around the corner Rentokil PCI, the leading pest control service provider in India has brought back its very successful festive campaign series, ‘Celebrate Festivity, Not Pestivity’ under a new packaging of “The Great Pest-Free Festivity Offer”. This innovative campaign seamlessly blends the joy of celebration with cutting-edge technology, extending customers an exclusive 30% discount on the GoldSeal Cockroach Service, TermiSeal Service, and Integrated Mosquito Management.


‘Celebrate Festivity, Not Pestivity’ with Rentokil PCI


Recognizing the significance of the festive season in bringing families and businesses together, Rentokil PCI is committed to providing clean and inviting spaces for all. The campaign’s goal is to spread joy and togetherness by creating pest-free environments that foster joyous celebrations.


Rentokil PCI has embraced the power of AI-generated imagery to redefine its campaign narrative and pest control solutions. Through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technology, the company demonstrates its dedication to innovation while resolutely delivering premium services to its customers.


The festive campaign will predominantly run on search, video and social media platforms with a variety of static and video creatives emphasizing on the services and discount offerings through the festive season from September 2023 onwards.


In the words of David Lewis, Managing Director of Rentokil PCI, "During this festive season, we wanted to go above the conventional and incorporate innovation into our services. The 'Great Pest-Free Festivity Offer' not only emphasizes our commitment to pest-free settings, but also our commitment to using technology to improve customers’ experiences."


He further stated, "The campaign’s goal is to show how Rentokil PCI solutions are meticulously designed to create secure and pest-protected homes. As a trusted pest control service provider in India, we safeguard people from the risks of poor hygiene and the perils of ever-increasing pest-borne diseases. Our services and solutions promise our consumers peace of mind as they celebrate the upcoming festive season together with their loved ones.”


The Great Pest-Free Festivity Offer! 30% Off On Our Expert Pest Control Services


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About Rentokil PCI

Rentokil PCI is the leading pest control service provider in India. A Rentokil Initial brand, Rentokil PCI, was formed in 2017 through a joint venture (JV) between Pest Control India, the leading pest control company in India, and Rentokil, the world’s leading pest control brand. Rentokil PCI strongly aims to set new standards for customer service, having operations in over 300 locations in India. Rentokil PCI focuses on developing industry-leading service operations through the sharing of best practices, leading-edge innovations, and avant-garde digital technologies.


As one of the most trusted pest control and disinfection service providers in India, Rentokil PCI takes immense pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. The expertise of the corporation is backed by its 6800+ employees and highly trained technicians (500+ Bird Pro certified employees, 550+ certified fumigators, and 35+ AFOs). At present, Rentokil PCI serves a wide range of customers across industries, ranging from the largest multinational pharmaceutical, industrial, and food production companies to local, small-scale shops, restaurants, residential premises, and more.

‘Celebrate Festivity, Not Pestivity’ with Rentokil PCI
‘Celebrate Festivity, Not Pestivity’ with Rentokil PCI

The Great Pest-Free Festivity Offer! 30% Off On Our Expert Pest Control Services
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