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RentSher Online Rentals Pvt Ltd

RentSher Helps Startups and SMEs in their Journey from Cockroach to Unicorn

Rents office equipment to sustainable ventures reducing their upfront cost of capital and adding impetus to their growth

Apr 20, 2016   13:55 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

With the easy funding flow of 2015 drying up, the theme of the season today including guidance from VC and investor community is to execute like a “Cockroach”. It means survive under extreme conditions like cockroaches do. Even the theme around Unpluggd 2016 happening in May is also around the same with different entrepreneurs and investors giving their view on why this approach is important.

Setting up a simple office for a small team of 10-15 people is daunting and expensive tasks. Apart from your usual expenses such as rent and bills, you could be spending upwards of Rs 1.5L on office desks, chairs and other furniture. A good corei5 laptop, which costs above Rs 40,000/- for team of 15 will set you back by another 6L. Add to that server, printers, UPS, projector and so on so forth, you will be looking at upfront investment of Rs ten lakh even before your first day in new office. Investing heavily in depreciating assets could kill your startup even before it starts. Fortunately that is where office furniture on rent and laptops on rent comes into picture withcompanies like RentSherproviding the complete office equipment on hire reducing your upfront capital investment and allows your infrastructure to grow gradually as you grow.


Take an example of infrastructure mentioned above. You can take all 12 corei5, 4GB laptops on rent for about Rs 20,000 per month. The entire seating setup for 15 people on lease, and including projector, printer etc, your monthly rental for these equipment will be less than Rs 50,000, just 5% of the capital investment value. So now you can use remaining 9.5 Lakh directly for building your product and acquiring and serving your customers.


RentSher is a marketplace and has tie ups with top laptop provides in Bangalore and Delhi NCR. This allows them to cater to any order size from single laptop for a day for a presentation to more than 100 laptops for month if you are conducting training, marketing campaigns, etc.


Currently serving in Bangalore and Delhi NCR including Gurgaon being the hub for startups; RentSher already has close to 50 corporate clients benefiting from its services including likes of Pikipoll – a social market discovery platform, Icarus – well known design firm, Stockal Software, Ultimus – a BPM company, Westside apparels, Liveair enterprise mobile solutions and even BBMP during the Bangalore local election times! RentSher customers range from students renting laptops for academic projects, startups renting PCs for their team, training institute and even city councils which need laptops and projectors just for few hours for elections, trainings or key agenda dissemination.  


So, here is a win-win for the startups who want to economize on their upfront investment and rather spend money on growing businesses or even survive 2016 as a cockroach startup.

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