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RentSher Provides Range of Economical and Entertaining Activities for Kids this Summer, Delivered to your Doorstep

Apr 14, 2016   10:34 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Summer is here and so are the kids’ vacations. The first thing that comes to parents minds these days is how to engage the kids for the full two months - and it is not an easy task. Startups like RentSher are providing for engaging activities that can be planned and yet don’t cost a ton as they are based on rental model.


Indoor Play / Activity session- Summer vacations deserve special play sessions, but the outdoors is not always amenable for the same! From toddler’s ball pits to kids’ hula hoops and bouncy mats, kids can have their own play area in-house with their friends and full playgroup. RentSher does provide these and many more playful toys and packages on rent with  home delivery.


Grown up kids and teens look for special gaming night by renting gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii for a weekend. Since parents don't want them to get hooked up to it for entire summer, renting is the best option. So with RentSher, just get it for a weekend of max for a week, enjoy and once you have completed all stages of your favourite game, return it. No buyer’s remorse and no gamer's side effects!


Eat Play and Work session

Summer memories are made of a bunch sitting around. Unless you are lucky to have a big suburban house with a nice lawn, this isn't easy. RentSher provides kids size tables and chairs available in bright colours. A great addition to gathering and sleepover sessions. You can read stories, have fun activities and nice cool desserts for your kid and their friends in a comfortable setup. This is one experience they will not forget.


Even for the story books, you do not need to buy new, when you can get them on rent and delivered to your house.


Introduction to Music

The language of music knows no age, no bar - it connects all. What better way to spend time with your kids, making them aware via real musical instruments like guitars, violin, Casio Keyboards - again all available for a day to a week at easy rental prices. If you like it, you can also buy it!


Arts and Crafts at home

Ranging from paper quilling to painting Easels to pottery at home, everything can be organized for an evening filled with exploring the art side of your kid. There are special rentals packages for these also available.


Surprise Party

Birthday parties come once in a year, but parents are looking for more ways to make the kids feel special - From simple balloon decorations to having a favourite Disney character come to your house and give your kid a special time, to bubble and fog machine; a tattoo artist for your kids in the neighbourhood, a magic show set up exclusively for you. These and many more surprise party props and services are available a click away on

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