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Rhea Bakshi's New York International Film Award Winning Documentary "India's Treasures" Premieres on JioTV and JioTV+

Aug 17, 2023 13:18 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The 17-year old economics student Rhea Bakshi’s first documentary “India’s Treasures”, which was recently was awarded with the New York International Film Awards’ finalist laurel, will premiere on one of India’s largest OTT platforms JioTV, with a staggering 100 million monthly unique visitors, and the leading broadband network JioTV+.

Award winning documentary “India’s Treasures” premieres on JioTV and JioTV+

Delighted to have her documentary premiere on Jio Platforms, the prestigious and largest Indian digital streaming platform, Rhea Bakshi said, “I am thrilled beyond words that millions of JioTV and JioTV+ subscribers will be able to watch my documentary India’s Treasures and witness the impact and contribution of the talented and self-employed Indian artisans in nation building, especially of women artisans. I am ecstatic that viewers will gain in-depth insight into irreplaceable value of Indian centuries-old craftsmanship, its significance for India’s cultural, societal and economic growth and it being one of the core pillars of India’s sustainable and inclusive economic growth.”


“I would continue to work towards our respected Prime Minister's Narendra Modi’s mission of inclusive economic growth and hope that this documentary generates due recognition and awareness for the millions of Indian artisans and inspire their next generation to preserve and enrich this distinct Indian tradition,” Rhea added.


The director and creator Rhea Bakshi, an ardent admirer of the traditional handmade silver jewellery, documents the diverse jewellery-making styles, unique to varied Indian geographies. It showcases how the sector is empowering the disadvantaged women facing cultural and economic barriers through skill-building and transforming their lives. Viewers will discover the duality of globalisation, mass-manufacturing and e-commerce platforms on this noble art form and the promise it holds for the next generation. Rhea also discusses microcredit facility and how artisans can leverage small bank loans to re-establish their lives. It delves into the artisans’ predicament with e-commerce, viewed as the future.


JioTV, with 100 million MAU, is a mobile-based platform available only on both Android & iOS devices, is a streaming television service offering LIVE TV and Catch Up Content to end consumers on their mobile phones, connected TVs, tablets, laptops and entertainment boxes. JioTV+ is a content aggregator platform, which comes pre-installed in Jio Set-top Box along with the broadband plans.


The handicraft sector in India plays a vital role in driving the country’s economy, employing over 7 million artisans and impacting the livelihoods of over 200 million people. The documentary emphasizes the need to celebrate these artisans and preserve their unique skills - the true treasures of India's heritage - underscoring the power of sustainable development where everyone can contribute and earn with fair and equal access to resources and opportunities. The film was produced by 24 Frames Films Limited and can also be watched on YouTube.


Directed and presented by Rhea Bakshi, "India’s Treasures" travels through the magical Rajasthan, Jharkhand and narrow lanes of old Delhi to embrace artisans’ lives and showcase their pride, fears, sacrifice and passion. The documentary was recently recognised with the finalist laurel New York International Film Awards jury in best student film category.


For more information and/or interview with Rhea Bakshi, please contact @ 9810999796

Award winning documentary “India’s Treasures” premieres on JioTV and JioTV+
Award winning documentary “India’s Treasures” premieres on JioTV and JioTV+
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