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Samridhi Sambhav 2018 – HPM India

The Celebration of Achievements on the Confluence of the Point of Unity in Diversity

May 26, 2018   13:17 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The category sponsors of the “Delhi Daredevil” team, HPM India, recently celebrated their achievements of the year in a four day meet. This company, which is dedicated to the welfare of the farmers and agricultural processing, has all the good reasons to stay in an upbeat mood because of a 10 percent rise in the distribution network. Considering the fact that they are dealing with the remotest part of the Indian landscape and spreading the reach of technology in the remote villages of India, this double-digit number says loads about their hard work and determination to serve the agricultural sector of India.


Mrs. Tapasya Goel, Executive Director and Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman & MD


A Quest within Oneself to Press the Boundaries of the Attainable Best

After gaining the position of the uncrowned market leader in the sector of agriculture, now this organization is aiming to introduce the emotion of competitiveness in an untapped field with noble goals. The theme of this four-day entertainer event was weaved around competitiveness in a healthy environment. A conference was organized in Kovalam where the achievers were pumped up with latest and the best practices of the trade and their inculcation in the work profile in the coming future. “Dance India Dance fame comedian”, Rohit Thakur, added the sprinkles of laughter in the evening after the conference.


The Master of Agriculture and Marketing Having a Fun Stint on the Sands of a Beach

This four-day meet was marked with a felicitation ceremony where the talent pool of the HPM won reorganization for their commendable individual performance in the field of agriculture in their respective localities. No wonder, the list of the achievers was big and the felicitation ceremony lasted for nine hours in Kovalam. Top management of the HPM, along with the planners of the event, made it a day designed for the inculcation of the team spirit among the top-notch achievers of the team HPM. Organizers of the event prudently placed a team building activity at the Kovalam beach. It was quite a sight to watch masters of the field of marketing and agriculture doting with fun and shining with playful excellence on the sands of the Kovalam beach.


An Integration of Efforts to Bring Everyone on a Uniform Platform

As an organization, HPM is already in a mode of integration, the current event also witnessed the same spirit when a convoy of the buses playing state jingles of the HPM moved from Kovalam to Kanyakumari. This stream of the statehood confluence on the beach of Kanyakumari became a club full of camaraderie and brotherhood among a team that clocked a 27 percent growth in the financial network of the organization.


Fun Was on the Run with Something Substantial to Learn!

It is true that – None oh us can be as smart as all of us! To take this thought further, HPM organized team building activity at the Grow Beach. Kovalam was the place and Rohit Thakur was the mentor there. Bengaluru Bollywood bash was breathtaking; the Bollywood nights were enlivened by the Dance Group, Versatile Dance Academy with amazing Dance Acts including the Shivaay Act, the Bahubali Act, the Tron Act, the Carnival Act and Ganesh Vandana. An interesting stand-up act by standup comedian, Rohit Thakur, fascinated the audience, where the 1st Act was stand up with HPM team mates; then 2nd was the character act of Gutthi and 3rd was the character act of Dr. Mashoor Gulati. All-in-all, it was a great show.


Agro-based products hold the key of the future! This is why, many entrepreneurs and top management gurus are also showing a keen interest in the growth of HPM; and finally, they are able to see some growth prospects in this organization. Beyond the realms of sales targets and spreadsheets, this four-day event marked the achievements of the previous year for them and entertainment value of the even geared them up for the next agricultural season, which is ready to shower among the predictions of satisfactory monsoon in India.

Mrs. Tapasya Goel, Executive Director and Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman & MD
Mrs. Tapasya Goel, Executive Director and Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman & MD
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