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Seeding New Ideas in Life-science, Technology & Social Enterprise through o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference

Mar 13, 2020 16:34 IST 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A leading investment firm, o2h Group, which specialises in backing biotech companies successfully organised its third collaborative innovation conference at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott in Ahmedabad here on Thursday.



Audience at  o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference


The key speakers from a mesmerising range of fields included covering racing drivers, games developers, physiologists, brain professors, singers, architects, political scientists, organic farmers, tree planters, school principals, property developers, mixed in with scientists, techies, entrepreneurs and CEO’s from all corners of the world.


The o2h is covering a range of subjects from support models for start-ups, how the brain works, which ideology fits the challenges faced by humanity to how can business go green.


Dr. Rashmi Barbhaiya, Dr. Krishna Prasad Miyapuram, Dr. Dipti Joshi, Dr. Catherine Beech OBE and Dr. Harshit Patel moderated by Nilesh Dagia marked their presence in the panel discussion of ‘De-coding the Human Brain’ where they discussed regarding who is researching the workings of the brain, what do we know, will AI get there first and where will it lead us to next? Which was very useful as well as interesting. While Mittal Patel, Jagruti Patel, Purvi Vyas, Debika Chatterji & Ashish Agrawal moderated by Chris Heron discussed on ‘How we can take business towards Go Green?'


Monica Dogra, an American musician and actress of Indian origin who has acted in six feature films as well as having released five studio albums with the band Shaa’ir and func. Monica has been labelled “an Ambassador of the New India” by Republic of Brown and was recently included in a list of the “The 50 Most Influential Women” by Elle Magazine in India. She is a member on the judging panel of India’s first English music talent show “The Stage” was there conversation with Mr. Prashant shah – Executive Chairman, o2h Group on ‘Case Study of Performing Arts’.


Mr. Prashant Shah – Executive Chairman, o2h Group

Mr. Prashant Shah – Executive Chairman, o2h Group shared that, “In o2h we love seeding new ideas in science, technology and social enterprise, and we hope like most people and organisations we hope that it leads to meaningful work in terms of its impact on society and of course the planet."


Our intention is to build a community of innovators or changemakers covering Ahmedabad, Cambridge and Boston. Although we say it’s an innovation conference, the discourse has been much broader, we don’t only look at subjects covering science, technology but look to anchor or debate in much broader people, societal and environmental issues,” he said.


He further stated that the o2h group seeds new ideas in science, technology and social enterprise. The company works across boundaries and takes a collaborative and shared approach to innovation, and because we like to learn from each other.

Audience at  o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference
Audience at o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference
Mr. Prashant Shah – Executive Chairman, o2h Group
Mr. Prashant Shah – Executive Chairman, o2h Group
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