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Sharda Hospital Joins Fight Against COVID-19

Apr 03, 2020 15:43 IST 
Delhi NCR, India
  • In conjunction with the State Government and the District Administration, Sharda Hospital puts together a 200 bedded Isolation Ward which includes 20 bedded ICU with ventilators and Dialysis support

  • Completes sanitization of the facility, puts in place SOPs and measures, mock drills and dry run for treatment of the COVID patients


As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Gautam Budh Nagar and neighbouring areas of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR, Sharda Hospital a state-of-the-art multi super-speciality hospital, has readied 200 bedded Isolation Ward which includes 20 bedded ICU with ventilators and Dialysis support to treat COVID (Corona Virus Disease) patients and put in place SOPs and measures to join the fight against Corona.


Sharda Hospital


A separate ward has been converted into an isolation ward with the requisite specialists, doctors, nurses and trained support staff. Sharda Hospital has ensured adequate supply of personal protective gear, ventilators, Dialysis support etc. The Hospital is procuring N-95 & PPE kits along with other consumables under CSR activity to provide and treat COVID-19 patients free of cost. The UP-State Governments is also supporting by providing PPE kits due to shortage of these materials. On assurance of Hon’ble Chief Minister of UP, quarantine room for Health Care workers (Doctors/Nurses & Support team) will be provided by the Govt of UP/CMO Gautam Budh Nagar District. Sharda Hospital will be sending all the collected samples to Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Greater Noida for testing.


The action plan has been personally supervised by the Medical Superintendent, Sharda Hospital, Dr. Ashutosh Niranjan. Dr Niranjan said, “We are committed to tackle COVID-19. Not only have we prepared an isolation ward, but we have conducted mock drills to ensure speedy and adequate response, timely treatments and increased safety for patients and healthcare personnel during this challenging time. We are also getting ready to manage a large volume of patients if the need arises.”


“All Department Heads including nursing staff and faculty of allied health department have been instructed to create a work roaster for the staff to ensure equal distribution of work and adequate intervals of quarantine. All necessary personal safety arrangements for staff treating the coronavirus patients, including N95 masks and Personal Protective Gear are being sourced to ensure seamless continuity in providing the necessary services and care,” he further added.


The UP-State Government in its endeavour to be prepared due to the escalation in infection numbers, has requested private institutions to create and manage OPD, isolation beds, ICU beds and diagnostic services. Sharda Hospital has joined this fight. Sharda University’s School of Medical Sciences and Research (SU-SMSR) has also offered its research facilities to develop short- & long-term solutions to tackle the Corona Virus pandemic.


The recently announced Rs. 50 lakh insurance cover per person for frontline health workers involved in managing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, are excellent initiatives of the Government of India. Sharda Hospital expresses its gratitude for the support being offered by the Government of India and the UP State Government, and assures best possible practices in providing world-class health care & emergency care services to all referred COVID patients here.


About Sharda Hospital

Sharda Hospital is a state-of-the-art multi super speciality hospital which offers medical care at par the global excellence. Equipped with contemporary facilities and cutting-edge technology; Sharda Hospital provides primary to tertiary care to a vast cross-section of patients, ranging from the ultra poor to the upper classes. The hospitals’ highly qualified and experienced medical team offers best-in-class expert care to the patients. Over the last decade, Sharda Hospital has served more than 2 million OPD visits; 100,000 surgeries; 300,000 investigations and patients from over 40 countries. The 900-bed hospital offers a broad spectrum of medical services from tertiary care in super-specialities, general specialities, advanced diagnostics & radiology services to critical care in the fields of medicine, pulmonology, surgery, paediatrics, neonatology, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and neurosciences.


Pertaining to the growing demand and increasing popularity of Ayurveda, it also established a ‘Panchakarma Centre’ to provide massage therapies of high and positive prognostic value to the diseases that are medically unmanageable.


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