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InvesTiger by Sharekhan

Sharekhan's InvesTiger App to Offer Select ETF and MF Baskets to Make Investing Effortless for Retail Investors

InvesTiger app celebrates its first year of empowering retail investors and unveils new investment offerings

Aug 01, 2023 12:35 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sharekhan, one of India's most respected full-service online brokerage houses, will now offer select ETFs and solution-oriented mutual fund baskets in its InvesTiger App, which provides professionally curated baskets of stocks for retail investors.


InvesTiger by Sharekhan


Celebrating the first anniversary of the InvesTiger app, Sharekhan brings new offerings for the success of its retail investors. Launched in June 2022, the InvesTiger app has improved the investment landscape for medium and long-term retail investors.

To mark this occasion, Sharekhan has taken a step towards making investment decisions easier for retail customers by adding ETFs and solutions-focused MF, besides the existing stock baskets in InvesTiger. Ranging from direct equities to passive products like ETFs and goal-based mutual funds, the purpose is to provide a comprehensive bouquet of investment solutions for every class of retail investors. Investors can now explore passive investment opportunities and diversify their portfolios with this innovative product, which enables them to align their investments with specific financial objectives.

Key highlights basis the first year’s performance of InvesTiger:

  • All stock baskets under the Premier Category (namely Power Portfolio, Star Portfolio, Top Picks and Emerging Stars) have beaten benchmark indices across all the periods (3 months, 6 months, 1 year and since inception).

  • Two of the popular stock baskets generated solid returns of 30-34% in the past year, with Power Portfolio outperforming benchmark indices by +8.1% and Economic Recovery Picks by +12% during the period.

Gaurav Dua, Senior Vice President and Head of Capital Markets Strategy at Sharekhan by BNP Paribas said, “InvesTiger is a hassle-free way of investing in a portfolio of well-researched stocks in a disciplined manner, effectively leveraging the promising investment opportunities available in the Indian equities market. Our endeavour is to continuously innovate, offering better features and a wider range of offerings to enhance the customer experience and provide a delightful investment journey.”

The 3 things that the InvesTiger app is designed to make effortless are:

  • Identifying the right stocks from the right sectors:

  • The InvesTiger app offers solid hand-picked stock baskets derived from Sharekhan's in-house research base

  • Regularly tracking the stocks purchased:

  • Investors can sit back and relax as Sharekhan's expert investment team actively monitors each stock basket

  • Taking timely action on stocks based on market conditions:

  • Users receive instant stock basket buy/sell alerts via app notifications and SMS, along with detailed rationale derived from comprehensive research reports. Execution within the app is simplified through a straightforward 2-step order placement and portfolio rebalancing process

Jaideep Arora, CEO, Sharekhan by BNP Paribas said, “The appetite of retail investors for equities is growing steadily, and to manage risks effectively, they need solutions backed by experts that are easy to use and monitor. InvesTiger is an app-first solution that caters to those with a serious mindset, leveraging the expertise and experience of our research team. The equities market not only provides an opportunity for retail investors to participate in India's growth story but also allows their savings to grow to combat inflation."

Investors can start their journey by investing in a stock basket for as low as Rs. 50,000. With just 0.5% brokerage charges, no lock-in period, no profit sharing, and no management fee, InvesTiger aims to maximize net returns for its valued investors. With over 28 lakh clients, 130+ branches, and 4000+ business partners, Sharekhan has been championing online trading since 2000.

About Sharekhan

Founded in 2000 and a subsidiary of BNP Paribas since November 2016, Sharekhan was one of the first brokers to introduce online trading in India. With a client base of over 28 lakhs, 130+ branches, and 4000+ business partners, Sharekhan is renowned for its comprehensive range of trading and investment solutions, including equities, futures and options, portfolio management services, research, mutual funds, and investor education. On average, Sharekhan executes more than 9L+ trades daily.

About BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Group, a leading international financial institution, has been operating in India since 1860. With branches in key metros, it offers a wide range of financial services, covering corporate and institutional banking, as well as personal investment services for individuals. As the second oldest foreign bank in India, BNP Paribas has received accolades such as "Best International Corporate Bank for India" from Asiamoney in both 2022 and 2023.

InvesTiger by Sharekhan
InvesTiger by Sharekhan
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