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Simplify3X Launches SimplifyOM

SimplifyOM set to take the Digital Space by storm

Dec 08, 2021 17:22 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Simplify3X, a globally renowned software company (one of the best in the automated testing industry), has launched a new product SimplifyOM, a cloud-based object management system.


This innovation has brought in a revolution in the automated Testing industry. The idea of a cloud-based object management system used to create, store, and manage test objects, to greatly reduce the time and effort required to merge, resolve duplicate objects, and maintain them was running in the minds of people in the industry for quite a while now, but SimplifyOM has made it a reality.


Nirmal Sharma, Srinivasan B, Shreya Gupta, Vishak ST, Rohith N and Naveen Kumar


SimplifyOM is designed to help create robust and optimized CSS selectors, XPath and identify other web properties that are used across the test cases. Simplify3X policies center around quality and customer satisfaction.


SimplifyOM comes with incredible features

You can start using the Simplify Object Manager by registering yourself as a new user directly from the Chrome store and Firefox store.


USPs of SimplifyOM 

  • Cloud based Object Repository

Significantly cuts down on your time and effort spent on merging, resolving duplicate/redundant objects, and maintaining them - helping your team make the most of their time.

  • Smoother Integration with your Existing Framework

SimplifyOM SDK is a perfect solution for integrating your existing framework into the SimplifyOM Object Repository, enabling you to:

  • Ease Object Repository Management by eliminating the need to maintain a local repository

  • Central repository leading to better team collaboration

  • Organizing your Objects across Projects

Now save your valuable time by grouping the related pages, making object repository management and maintenance easier.

  • Object Identification made it easier

We identify all possible web attributes for you to carry out flawless automation. Not just that, we also offer you a tailor-made CSS and multiple paths, thus relieving you from the never-ending activity of scratching your head with objects. 

  • Team Collaboration

As a cloud-based object repository, you can now collaborate and manage your project teams effortlessly and help them carry out the automation tasks quickly within the applications they already use.


Awards and Recognition

Simplify3X's solutions have won various honors in India, Malaysia, and the US, including "The Company of the Year" from APAC CIO Outlook


Mission Statement

Simplify3X makes a significant difference in the way software test engineering is practiced by addressing THREE key attributes in Software Test Engineering People, Process, and Technology.


SimplifyOM is all set to take the Digital Space by storm.

Nirmal Sharma, Srinivasan B, Shreya Gupta, Vishak ST, Rohith N and Naveen Kumar
Nirmal Sharma, Srinivasan B, Shreya Gupta, Vishak ST, Rohith N and Naveen Kumar
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