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Social Media is Biggest Market of Today's Business: Media Hindustan Founder Sagar Joshi says

Mar 22, 2021 17:52 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Recently, "Business and Technology Award Show 2021" was organized in Hyderabad. Where, so many business and technology personalities were awarded for doing well in various fields of all over the country. Sagar Joshi, Founder of Media Hindustan who was the chief guest of the program, said that in today's time digital and social media marketing is very important.


Sagar Joshi, Founder, Media Hindustan

Sagar said that according to the latest figures, more than 2 billion people are regularly active on Facebook. Similarly, there are about 1 billion on Instagram, about 2 billion on YouTube and more than 350 million active users on Twitter. If we talk about India only then more than 700 million people run internet every day. For this reason, when such a large community is on the Internet, where are you looking for your client?


To get success through social media and digital marketing it is important to promote yourself and your business in a better way. If you use it with assured plans, then it will definitely benefit you and your business. In the present times if we see from the point of view of entertainment, maximum usage of internet is in India. On the other hand, in developed countries, more than 70 percent business is being done through internet.


More than 70 business people were honored during the program. While appreciating the program, Joshi said that such programs bring new entrepreneurs and new enthusiasm in the youth.

Sagar Joshi, Founder, Media Hindustan
Sagar Joshi, Founder, Media Hindustan
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