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SRAM & MRAM Group to Participate in A+A 2021 International Trade Fare and Congress in Germany

Summit to showcase Comprehensive insights, as well as solutions and products for the future of work

Oct 25, 2021 16:55 IST 
Dusseldorf, Germany

SRAM & MRAM Group to participate in A+A 2021 International Trade Fare and Congress to be held in Germany from October 26-29, 2021. The group will be showcasing “Walletz4u” during the summit. In a bid to shape tomorrows’ world, how do we want to live, work and operate in this world while treating our fellow human beings and the available resources ecologically and responsibly?


       A+A 2021


Comprehensive insights, as well as solutions and products for the future of work, will be part of the A+A 2021 Summit. The summit is expected to host more than 1,000 exhibitors. The leading international trade fair for safety, security and health at work will be opening its doors at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 October.


The 37th Congress for Occupational Safety and Medicine congress for all experts and insiders will be organised by Basi, the German Federal Association for Occupation Safety and Health, and will be bringing together the OSH actors and decision-makers from industry, skilled crafts, administration, politics and science in Düsseldorf. This year the key focus area will be Work 4.0, possibilities of digitalisation and AI for occupational health, working in pandemic times as well as making Vision Zero a reality.


Walletz4u is the world’s largest gloves OEM; a brand that is catering to multiple markets and verticals. The brand is synonymous with its high-quality latex, vinyl, nitrile, and rubber disposable gloves. Each glove is backed with the seal of approval and with the commitment to bringing the products that one can trust to help keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable. Walletz4u is poised to become one of the largest glove manufacturers and resellers in the ASEAN and the world markets.


Addressing on the participation, Hitanshu Heera, Global Director - SRAM & MRAM Group quoted, “We are proud to be associated with A+A 2021, where we’ll be showcasing Walletz4u. The summit will help us in reaching out to the European region. I’m proud to say that we have successfully delivered 80 Million Boxes of Gloves to USA and other parts of the world till date since the pandemic started. We made a stronger association with Hospital Groups in the USA because of our timely delivery even at the time of shortage when finding the gloves was a challenge for everyone around the Globe. Our sales team is getting aggressive orders in the European market and A+A will certainly offer a great business proposition to showcase the advancement and the products to the stakeholders as well. It will help us to understand the European market and will give us an opportunity to get closer to the stakeholders and the potential business prospects. We will move one step closer to our target of being on number one in Europe market in terms of sales numbers”


Lakkapaa Import OY is one of the largest importers of Gloves and other medical products in Europe and is the Exclusive Distributor of Walletz4u for EU Market. Speaking on the participation, Jukka Lakkapaa, CEO Lakkapaa Import OY quoted, “We have already secured a number of long term contracts for Walletz4u with Europe Hospital Groups and are successfully delivering to the Medical Groups who are supremely satisfied with Walletz4u product quality and timely delivery. We have a number of contracts going on with the Government and aggressively getting more orders due to high demand and shortage of premium genuine products in the market. We are looking forward to being a part of A+A 2021 summit. We will be showcasing a plethora of medical products along with our flagship medical protection supply ‘Walletz4u”.


Petri Keskitalo, Dr. Juris, Attorney, Lex Barents Ltd., Finland, who is closely monitoring all the legal activities in terms of certifications, custom requirements and current policies, speaking on legal aspects quoted, “I’m glad to say that our client has always successfully cleared the products from custom in neat n clean and speedy way as all the required certifications and pictograms on the boxes are always up to date. A+A 2021 is a great platform; it is a forum that helps in bringing the merchants and genuine manufacturers together.”


Speaking on the development, Sarah Dhillon, Business Development Director, SRAM & MRAM from Germany quoted, “A+A 2021 is a great platform, A+A will certainly offer a great business development opportunity. The summit is also the place to be as it also offers great business prospects too. We are confident about the success of our participation and to capture a good amount of business in entire Europe region.”


The Trending themes at A+A 2021 in the industry characterise the appearance of A+A 2021 - be it by the solutions and products that exhibitors present or by the numerous lectures and presentations at the Special Show areas and Trend Forum. Digital efficiency and sustainability determine the current debate and will continue strongly influencing the future of work. Alongside these megatrends at A+A 2021 the programme of side events will focus on Future Solutions, New Work and the topic Hygiene and the Pandemic.

A+A 2021
A+A 2021
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