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sRide Launches sNeighbour Feature to Help Communities Tide Over the Pandemic

Apr 28, 2021 12:49 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • sNeighbour app enables community-level engagement to seek and offer help during these difficult times of pandemic 

  • sNeighbour is an expansion to sRide, a leading carpooling app that has 2 million users across 10 cities in India 

  • Global software firms EPAM & ThoughtWorks have joined hands with sNeighbour for their employees to seek and offer help


Started with a vision of creating a platform for like-minded people to form communities, sRide, India's largest carpooling app today announced the launch of sNeighbour. This unique location-based discovery app enables neighbours to seek help and provide support to those in need during these testing times. Many families are suffering and need help with food, groceries, medicines and life-saving equipment. sNeighbours will help each other with cooked food, groceries, medicines, to share information about things such as medicines, oxygen tanks, hospital beds, vaccination centres with vaccines, offering rides to vaccination centres etc. Those in need will be able to get in touch with individuals and neighbours providing support with a simple click of a button.


The second wave of coronavirus has again grounded the country to a halt and added tremendous pressure on the health infrastructure. The surge of conversations around lack of hospital beds and oxygen supply has forced citizens to run helter-skelter seeking support. Due to the strict lockdown in several areas, necessities such as groceries, medicines and transport to hospitals has also become an issue for everybody impacted. Within minutes of its launch on Android Play Store, sNeighbour feature received over 100 registrations with 50% posting about the help they can provide with medicines, cooked food, groceries and ride to vaccination centres. Global software firms EPAM & ThoughtWorks came forward to join the cause and encouraged their employees to use the platform to provide and seek help as required.


Speaking at the launch, Lakshna Jha, Co-founder, sRide who said, “In the wake of the most rapidly escalating COVID-19 situations, it is heartening to see the coming together of people and communities to help each other out. With sNeighbour, we have augmented our existing technology infrastructure and network of 2M+ users in a way that can make a positive grassroots-level impact. The intent is to provide a platform for people to come together and form communities where they can engage and exchange help and support with each other. We strongly believe that, as social creatures, all human beings need one another to survive. And we are hopeful that this platform will supplement that purpose by helping the users tide over these testing times, together.”


As the situation improves, people will still need to exercise self-isolation and social distancing. sNeighbour is expected to provide ease of accessibility to essentials by forming social bubbles within the community and reducing the spread of coronavirus. In the long-term, sNeighbour will continue to serve as a platform to attract like-minded individuals who share common values and vision and form a community, help each other, follow and share interests, have fun and grow as human beings. As an extension of sRide, sharing the same purpose and objective, sNeighbour will continue to bring people together.


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About sNeighbour from sRide

sRide is a social platform that helps millions to commute by carpooling. With more than 2Million users across 10 All cities, sRide has helped more than 1 Million+ users monthly to share or pool their rides. With sNeighbour, the 2 million users can come together to engage and help neighbourhoods.

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