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Statement on MAGGI Noodles

Extensive Testing Reveals no Excess Lead in Maggi Noodles

Jun 01, 2015   19:25 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

We understand that consumers are concerned by reports that the authorities in Uttar Pradesh have found elevated levels of lead in a sample pack of Maggi noodles. We are fully cooperating with the authorities who are conducting further tests and we are awaiting their results. 


We have also submitted samples of MAGGI Noodles from almost 600 product batches to an external laboratory for independent analysis and we tested samples from almost 1,000 batches at our accredited laboratory. These samples represent around 125 million [12.5 Crore] packets. All the results of these internal and external tests show that lead levels are well within the limits specified by food regulations and that MAGGI noodles are safe to eat. We are sharing these results with the authorities. 


We regularly monitor all our raw material for lead, including testing by accredited laboratories which have consistently shown levels in MAGGI Noodles to be within permissible limits.


In addition, we remain committed to continuing to improve the quality of agricultural raw materials across the food chain working with farmers, suppliers, authorities and the food industry to ensure food safety.


The quality and safety of our products are the top priorities for our Company.

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