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StoreHippo Empowering Brands to Sell Omnichannel with Headless Commerce Solutions

Mar 02, 2021 15:02 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Headless commerce is growing in popularity and providing more e-commerce options for brands. It basically involves the decoupling of the front-end of a website from the back-end functionality. This enables developers to use the front-end technology of their choice to deliver superior content experiences, and plug-in those e-commerce solutions on the backend which manage all commerce functionality.


StoreHippo®, the leading SaaS-based enterprise e-commerce platform, is offering best-in-class headless commerce solutions that make it easier for enterprise brands to sell omnichannel. Designed grounds up on headless architecture, StoreHippo has empowered brands to create personalized buyer journeys across multiple customer touch points. With the latest offerings, it promises to offer the best solution for high-volume businesses across the globe.


Headless commerce has manifold benefits for brands. It offers them agility and helps them move faster, thus breaking free of the rigidity of traditional software. The technology enables brands to implement quick solutions for exploring new markets/channels. Brands can use premium software to create unique solutions. Headless commerce allows for enhancement of digital experience with APIs and enables businesses to keep pace with changing customer expectations. It personalizes buyer journey for higher and faster conversions, ensuring seamless buying experience on all devices and channels


StoreHippo is providing unique headless commerce solutions to help brands cope with the sudden disruption caused by the global pandemic. These solutions not only make the business processes highly efficient and streamlined but also assist brands in capturing their targeted audience easily.


It’s easier to see how headless commerce provides more options with regard to e-commerce platforms. Especially for brands focused on lifestyle products, direct-to-consumer enterprises and the brands relying primarily on influencer marketing and native advertising, a content-driven or experience-driven strategy like headless commerce is a must-have.


What makes StoreHippo’s headless commerce different from the rest is that unlike other platforms where headless commerce was an afterthought, StoreHippo was conceptualized and designed on the decoupled headless architecture. This gave fast-growing, high-volume, large-scale businesses a flexible option to build touchpoint-independent, future-proof solutions using StoreHippo's powerful headless commerce platform. The decoupled headless architecture of StoreHippo gives brands a new level of freedom for constantly innovating and building smarter and efficient systems.


StoreHippo’s headless commerce lets businesses build smarter and efficient systems with 250+ API endpoints. Using the microservices-based powerful design framework, brands can quickly add new interfaces to their website. Extreme and quick customizations in the landing page and checkout flow etc. offer personalized buyer journeys. There are 100+ built-in integrations which help in creating unique experiences for diverse customer segments. With optimized performance powered by multi-tier caching and fastest-response time keep customers engaged. With StoreHippo’s headless commerce, no messy coding is needed to make changes to the website as there is event driven programming.


In addition, brands can leverage seamless integrations with ERP, CRM, POS systems, and accounting software of their choice. StoreHippo offers future-ready mobile commerce solutions with PWA stores and in-built mobile apps builder. With 60+ payment gateways and 30+ logistics solutions, brands are assured of frictionless checkouts and streamlined supply chain.


CEO and Founder of StoreHippo, Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal says, “The fact is that most developers aren’t designers and most designers aren’t developers. By employing headless commerce, brands can allow their creative teams to focus on what they do best, i.e., optimize user experience and the interface so as to improve customer engagement and conversions. Similarly, headless commerce makes it easier for developers to give priority to enhancements in the backend. By making it possible for large businesses to leverage headless commerce solutions conveniently, StoreHippo enables brands to strategize and quickly move ahead with new marketing plans and business processes. Brands can even create new channels for better customer reach.” 


About StoreHippo

Started in 2014, StoreHippo is the most flexible enterprise e-commerce platform designed for diverse B2B and B2C business models. Driving success with innovative solutions, StoreHippo envisions giving powerful solutions to brands that need a mobile ready and customizable solution to rule the market. With the headless commerce architecture at its core, StoreHippo builds mobile ready PWA stores that are fully customizable and have a quick turnaround time. StoreHippo offers fully integrated solutions for enterprise brands where they can integrate ERP, CRM, accounting and any other software of their choice. Designed for diverse B2B, B2C and enterprise solutions, StoreHippo-The leading e-commerce platform in India is a part of the inspiring journey of customers in 25 countries across 40+ industry verticals.

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