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StoreHippo Helping Enterprise Brands Put Resources Towards a Stronger DTC Play

StoreHippo bolsters its enterprise offering amid the pandemic to help big brands adopt DTC for better conversions

Oct 29, 2020 11:54 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Outside of the pandemic, if there is something most compelling in retailing, rise in direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands is one of them. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, eCommerce had become an inherent part of Indian households. However, pandemic made eCommerce an essential service by accelerating the digital shift. Additionally, it also accelerated the growth of DTC brands. While eCommerce spiked because of consumer preferences, DTC brands adapted to the pandemic to catch the digital shift. In other words, the growth of one is driven by demand whereas the other is driven by necessity.


As brands including the established ones are shifting their focus to a direct-to-consumer approach amid the pandemic, StoreHippo, the new age eCommerce platform that provides everything that brands need to sell their products or services online, is bolstering its enterprise offering to help big brands go DTC for better conversions. With its advanced and innovative enterprise eCommerce features, StoreHippo has been able to help not only standard retail brands like apparels, food industry etc. but also helped brands that were traditionally not eCommerce ready e.g. Paints, FMEG etc.


StoreHippo’s enterprise eCommerce features allows brands to manage complex setups which include multi-layered distributor/dealer based marketplaces for large B2B businesses. With the comprehensive multi vendor functionality brands and large businesses can easily onboard and manage their vendors, suppliers, distributors etc. StoreHippo also has an inbuilt multi-store eCommerce solution to help brands build multiple storefronts for diverse product and business verticals and manage them with a central admin.


StoreHippo makes it easy for brands to reach customers in international markets with multilingual and multi-currency features. The brands can have an omnichannel presence using mobile-ready solutions and headless commerce along with seamless integrations with ERP systems like SAP and Whatsapp integration to help get orders on social apps.


To ensure the security of brands, StoreHippo offers enhanced security with FREE SSL audit logs and 50+ secure and PCI DSS compliant domestic and international payment gateways, mobile wallets etc. The hyperlocal eCommerce module is also a new addition to aid in tapping local markets easily. In a bid to offer end to end solutions StoreHippo has also added native solutions for delivery boy management and automated logistics.


According to Mr. Rajiv Aggarwal, CEO StoreHippo, “We are seeing more and more brands adapting to the DTC approach. Brands are now seriously contemplating the need to have their own online presence rather than relying on physical retail or online marketplaces. Brands that start early have an advantage over others as they can adopt DTC for better online conversions. StoreHippo with its turnkey enterprise solution is helping brands to go online faster and take a lead over their competitors by effectively managing their shift to a direct-to-consumer approach. DTC is only going to get stronger and deeper. We understand that there is going to be a lot more competition in DTC brands, therefore, we have curated advanced D2C solutions for enterprise eCommerce.”


About StoreHippo

Started in 2014, StoreHippo is the most flexible eCommerce platform designed for diverse B2B and B2C business models. Driving success with innovative solutions, StoreHippo envisions giving powerful solutions to brands that need a mobile ready and customizable solution to rule the market. With PWA (Progressive Web Apps) at its core, it was built to offer mobile ready and fully customizable eCommerce solutions with quick turnaround time. Designed for diverse B2B, B2C and enterprise solutions, StoreHippo is a part of the inspiring journey of customers in 20 countries across 40+ industry verticals.

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