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StoreHippo Helping Enterprise Businesses Reinvent their Brand with Advanced D2C Offerings

StoreHippo streamlines D2C transition for enterprise brands for faster go to market and quick omnichannel presence

Oct 29, 2021 09:48 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

If there is one trend that has helped enterprise brands redefine success, it is the D2C (direct-to-consumer) model. E-commerce has long been the preferred shopping channel for millions across the globe. With the pandemic push, brands realised the necessity for building their online presence and connecting directly to customers by leveraging digital commerce channels. While 80% of large retail stores faced a sales dip or closure during the pandemic, D2C brand websites saw a whopping 88% growth in orders. D2C transition is beyond doubt the need of the hour for enterprise brands inclined to register faster and lasting growth.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO, StoreHippo

As diverse brands are planning to hop the D2C bandwagon, StoreHippo®, the next-generation e-commerce platform offering 360-degree e-commerce solutions for enterprise businesses, is enhancing its D2C offerings to help big brands go to market in record time and grow their reach to new markets and customers. With its future-ready and comprehensive direct-to-consumer solutions, StoreHippo has helped standard retail brands like fashion, food & beverages, grocery, FMCG etc. along with traditionally brick-and-mortar brands like paints, construction material, FMEG, Agritech, Edutech, Healthtech and many more go direct-to-consumers.


StoreHippo’s D2C solutions are powered by MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture that enables brands to build innovative solutions with personalised buyer journeys across multiple touchpoints. Large brands can easily experiment with agile business models (like multi-vendor marketplace, multiple storefronts managed by a common central admin, B2B e-commerce etc.) and make new channels commerce-enabled. All this can be achieved in record time using the 300+ native features, 120+ integrations and the flexibility of headless commerce that uses the same backend logic and APIs to design and add new front ends personalised for given geo-locations, customer segments or product lines.


StoreHippo makes it easy for D2C brands to go omnichannel and converge their presence across diverse channels like offline, online, mobile web and apps, social commerce etc. Brands can easily extend their presence to international markets with the built-in multilingual and multi-currency features. Designed on the mobile-first principle StoreHippo enables brands to build their PWA stores and mobile apps without any coding. Additionally, D2C brands also get separate apps for the admin, sellers/distributers, delivery boys etc.


StoreHippo’s PCI DSS compliant platform also offers multi-layer security to D2C businesses with FREE SSL, audit logs, restricted logins and 60+ secure domestic and international payment gateways, mobile wallets etc. With its advanced hyperlocal e-commerce module, StoreHippo has made it easier for D2C businesses to solidify their presence in the local markets. With its integrated logistics solutions along with the delivery boy management module, StoreHippo has automated and streamlined e-commerce deliveries for brands planning their D2C transition.


According to Mr. Rajiv Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, StoreHippo, “The next wave of e-commerce is led by D2C brands. D2C has seen growth globally with the Indian market alone being worth $100 billion. D2C approach has given brands complete control over their business and helped them achieve growth levels that were otherwise unthinkable. Brands are experimenting with the D2C models where some have done away with the middlemen others have worked on a hybrid D2C model by leveraging their existing dealer/retailer network to grow to new markets and boost conversions. With the tremendous shift in customer behaviour and market dynamics, enterprise D2C brands need to be equipped with future-ready D2C solutions that help them win over the competition. StoreHippo offers a complete ecosystem to brands to help them with a smooth D2C transition and facilitates them with built-in D2C solutions that can be tweaked inside out for the brand’s unique needs and preferred D2C set-up."


About StoreHippo

Started in 2014, SoreHippo is the most flexible e-commerce platform designed for diverse B2B and B2C business models. Driving success with innovative solutions, StoreHippo envisions giving powerful solutions to brands that need a mobile ready and customizable solution to rule the market. With PWA (Progressive Web Apps) at its core, it was built to offer mobile ready and fully customizable e-commerce solutions with quick turnaround time. Designed for diverse B2B, B2C and enterprise solutions, StoreHippo is a part of the inspiring journey of customers in 20 countries across 40+ industry verticals.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO, StoreHippo
Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO, StoreHippo
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