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StoreHippo Launches Best-in-class E-commerce Integrations to Expand its Global Footprint

Dec 16, 2020 17:18 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

StoreHippo®, the leading SaaS-based enterprise E-commerce platform, has announced a host of new e-commerce integrations to enhance and bolster its global footprint. StoreHippo already has a presence across 25+ countries and 40+ industry verticals. With its latest offerings, it aims to offer the best solution for high volume businesses anywhere on the globe. 


StoreHippo amped up its offerings to help brands cope with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with its comprehensive enterprise E-commerce solutions, StoreHippo took measures to help the brands up their game using best in class E-commerce integrations. These integrations not only make the business processes efficient and streamlined but they also help brands to capture their targeted audience more effectively. 


To help large businesses improve their processes and efficiency, StoreHippo is offering integrations with top ERP solutions like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and more. These integrations enable enterprises to seamlessly integrate their E-commerce operations into their existing supply chain and inventory management tools.


Along with improving business processes, StoreHippo is also offering better payment solutions for faster and smoother conversions. To enable frictionless checkouts, StoreHippo offers seamless integrations with 60+ domestic and international payment gateways including Apple Pay. It also supports pay-later payment methods, subscription-based payment methods like Stripe Billing, Razorpay subscriptions etc., Marketplace Payments methods e.g. Stripe Connect, Paypal Adaptive, Razorpay Marketplace etc. In addition, to help domestic merchants/customers StoreHippo also offers a full spectrum of native payment methods like UPI, wallets etc. through its payment integrations. Along with these, StoreHippo is also aiding better accounting and easy payment management with popular POS solutions. 


In an attempt to streamline the supply chain, StoreHippo has added 30+ logistics providers. They have included aggregators like ShipRocket, Shyplite, OTO, and hyperlocal players Shadowfax. To help brands manage their own fleet of delivery boys for hyperlocal E-commerce deliveries, StoreHippo offers a complete delivery management solution. This solution includes an automated module for delivery boy functionality along with live tracking.


To help enterprise E-commerce brands with strategic and targeted marketing, StoreHippo also provides built-in integrations with top marketing tools like Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, FB Pixel, Mailchimp, Sendgrid and many more.


Apart from built-in integrations, StoreHippo platform offers unmatched extensibility to allow enterprises to add their own custom integrations. Built on a pure headless and mobile first architecture, StoreHippo offers 250+ REST API endpoints for almost every action that can be performed on the platform. It also offers support for Webhooks for real-time sync with 3rd party software. With its microservices-based pluggable architecture, StoreHippo allows easy integrations with any software or service providers.


CEO and Founder of StoreHippo, Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal says, “Enterprise businesses are eager to improve their processes further while adopting omnichannel selling and D2C model. Seamless integrations give a tremendous boost to large businesses and help them organize and strategize better. By making it possible for large businesses to navigate complex integrations easily StoreHippo enables the brands to strategize and move quickly with new marketing plans, business processes as well as create new channels for better customer reach.” 

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