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StoreHippo Launches Vertical Marketplace Solution to give Brands Alternatives to Selling on Popular Marketplaces

Apr 24, 2018   11:00 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

StoreHippo, the leading SaaS e-commerce platform launches vertical marketplace solutions for single brand enterprises to build and grow their OWN online brand presence. This addition to StoreHippo, offers enterprise businesses a strong alternative to selling on popular horizontal marketplaces. With this latest offering, the flexible ecommerce platform comes to the rescue of brands that opt for selling on public marketplaces lured by instant boost in sales and integrated supply chain. These short-term benefits, however, shroud the long-term issues like exposing their loyal customers to cross selling by their competitors.



Single brand marketplace


With StoreHippo these single-brand enterprises can roll out their marketplace to get the following benefits:


  • Freedom to choose own business model and rules

  • Save on hefty commissions paid to marketplaces

  • Engage loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty

  • Better inventory planning with clear insights into database

  • Ability to showcase the brand in its own unique way

  • No cross-selling of competitor brands

  • Favorable return policy for business owners


The marketplace solution by StoreHippo brings together a bouquet of diverse B2B features designed to solve the real-life challenges faced by brands:


  • Quick multi-vendor setup to leverage own distributor network

  • Integrated shipping solution with ShipKaro®, StoreHippo’s logistics aggregator initiative

  • Multilingual stores for better connectivity with target audience

  • Multi-Storefronts for diverse product/service verticals

  • Ability to create custom entities or modify existing entities based on business requirements

  • Dynamic forms to gather and capitalize user inputs

  • Pricing overrides to offer customized pricing to different group of customers

  • Powerful tax engine that supports GST and multi-tier tax rules

  • Customized invoice templates to handle details of taxes and invoices

  • Gamut of marketing tools for fast and effective marketing


Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of StoreHippo, says, “It is impossible to build your brand identity by selling on popular marketplaces. Enterprise businesses need a personalized and customizable marketplace solution to highlight their brand in their own style. Developing a marketplace from scratch is a time and resource intensive exercise and we simplified it by offering a comprehensive solution that cuts down the development time and cost substantially. Additionally, we offer a host of features that simplify the supply chain and distribution network.


StoreHippo’s powerful vertical marketplace solution bolstered with B2B features has been successfully implemented by a number of single brand enterprises. It has helped them overcome the challenges they faced on the popular horizontal marketplaces. They have been successful not only in retaining their loyal customers but also increased their margins on online sales.


About StoreHippo

StoreHippo® is a mobile ready, flexible, scalable and extremely customizable SaaS based e-commerce platform that offers one stop solutions for B2B and B2C businesses of all size. StoreHippo has been a pioneer in developing future ready solutions using the most advanced technology stack. StoreHippo platform is designed in a way that it can be used by entrepreneurs, SMEs as well as Enterprise B2B solutions. The platform offers turnkey solutions with the added benefit of customization, that allows businesses to mold it as per their brand requirements. StoreHippo is a complete package and comes with many pre-integrated services like payment gateways, logistics, POS/CRM, analytics tool, marketing tools, mobile apps, customer engagement tools and much more.


StoreHippo, a flagship product of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is Headquartered in Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR). StoreHippo offers an affordable yet technologically advanced e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C businesses across diverse industry vertical.


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Single brand marketplace
Single brand marketplace
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