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Sustainable Men's Fashion Brand DaMENSCH Launches New Collection

The range includes men’s T-Shirts, Pyjamas, Sweat Shorts, Joggers, and Sweatshirts

Oct 28, 2021 16:22 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

After redefining the ideas of long lasting fashion with the industry-first 500 Day T-Shirt and Shorts, Indian essential fashion brand DaMENSCH has launched its new range of menswear, which includes new T-Shirts, Pyjamas, Sweatshorts, Joggers, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.


DaMENSCH Launches New Collection 


The new collection consists of T-Shirts, sleepwear pyjamas made with cotton elastane blend to craft a 2-way stretch fabric, new slim fit multi pocket joggers, Sweatshorts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts.


The new range of T-Shirts in the 100% sustainably sourced cotton collection - Better Basics, comes in Henleys, Half and Full Sleeves in both solids and prints, while joggers come in classic shades made of soft French Terry.


Sweatshorts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts are made of a premium cotton blend French Terry fabric providing comfort mixed with style.


Commenting on the launch, Anurag Saboo, Co-founder - DaMENSCH, said, “We noticed that men’s T-Shirts have been plagued with three major pain points - loose neck lines, colours fading after just a couple of washes, and piling even if not used harshly. Here is where DaMENSCH saw an opportunity and innovated with fabric engineering to create products that are shinier, smoother and last longer. The CONSTANT collection is a proof to our commitment to slow fashion.”


Remarked Gaurav Pushkar, Co-founder - DaMENSCH, “With this launch, we have tried to bring together products for modern men that are distinct in features and most desirable in feel. DaMENSCH believes in sustainability at its core while providing innovation-driven comfort that breaks existing functional, cultural and emotional stereotypes. The Better Basics collection is our next step towards this - with all products featuring 100% sustainably sourced cotton.”


DaMENSCH currently offers an innerwear range including vest, brief, trunks, tank tops and boxers. It uses innovative technology to incorporate bamboo fabric, sustainable dyes, long-lasting material and smartly sourced cotton from the Deccan Plateau making its products sustainable.


500 Day Sweatshirts by DaMENSCH -


Better Basics Collection by DaMENSCH -


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DaMENSCH Launches New Collection
DaMENSCH Launches New Collection
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