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Technology in Preschools - Evoxyz Participates in Maple Bear’s 1st Annual National Convention 2016

Oct 12, 2016   16:40 IST 
Gurgoan, Haryana, India

Evoxyz Technologies, a prominent IoT Technology Solution Company, participated in Maple Bear India’s 1st Annual National Convention 2016.  The event was hosted by Maple Bear, a Canadian Early childhood education and Elementary program globally present in 14 countries with over 200 schools. Maple Bear aims to bring the best of Canadian education practices in a child-centric environment. The Convention Meet emphasised on Canadian excellence in early learning programs for children.


At the conference which was like Mini India with the franchise owners, principals and prominent leaders from Maple Bear schools with representatives of its 87 centres in India over 20 cities, Mr. Rodney Briggs (Chairman and President Maple Bear Global Schools), Mr. Alok Kumar Modi (Chairman Maple Bear India) Ms. Hazel Siromani (MD Maple Bear India).


Ms. Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar (CEO Evoxyz Technologies) participated at this convention actively engaging with various participants from India and Canada on How Technology can play a pivotal role in issues of child security and pedagogy compliance.


In the interaction the leaders of various Maple Bear schoolsoffered a fresh, invigorating vision on how electronic surveillance is the most effective way to adhere to/review the school’s pedagogy in the digital age.  Using data analytics and location tracking, schools can make research-and-analytics-backed decisions for efficient security and learning compliance at a pre-school level.


Abhishek Singh, CTO, Evoxyz Technologies said, “We are immensely proud to be associated with Maple Bear India. Preschool and Early years play a very instrumental in preparing a child for his or her entire tenure of schooling.It is essential that schools provide a nurturing and secure environment for the kids. Today, schools can use technology for reviewing performance and pedagogy compliance through data analytics and location tracking. Moreover, analytics data in location monitoring along with transparency between parents and schools helps amplify the culture of comfort and trust, which is crucial for parents, children and schools alike.”


Ms. Hazel Siromoni, MD, Maple Bear India commented, “I believe that technology when used responsibly with a purpose in the interest of the child can complement each other and integrated seamlessly”.


About Evoxyz

Evoxyz Technologies is a Gurgaon based tech start-up that provides a highly configurable and scalable platform for micro location tracking that can be easily integrated by other solution providers to enable quick development of location based solutions. Evoxyz has already built two solutions on their platform which includes Evoschool (a child security school offering) and Evotag. The platform not only enables the solution provider to build quality solutions but also provides them a variety of rich features based on its data analytics engine which are specific to the solution domain such as Child Security, Health Care, Retails Customer Experience enhancement, Home Security, GPS Tracking and lost & found, to name a few.


About Maple Bear

Maple Bear brings the best of Canadian education for a global future. It provides the highest quality education for children. Quality means: comprehensive curriculum that is child centred and thematic with clear learning objectives.


Maple Bear provides a foundation for children that will ensure success in the education system regardless of what school they attend in the future; children will be prepared for admission into the formal education system; children will develop self- confidence because of Maple Bear methodology.


Children will develop excellent communication skills in the English language. They will have fun and develop and love of learning. Learning takes place in a safe, secure, intimate and caring environment.


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